Disintegration ::The Reveal

Several months ago I posted photos of my wrapped bundle for
Seth Apter's Disintegration Collaboration.
Left outside, it was to evolve through the whims of Mother Nature.
Some snow - some rain - some wind.
Actually, very little of the first two - as we had quite the drought.

Over 120 artists participated in this project and today is the reveal.
Photos of the current bundles are posted on each artists' blog.

This little bundle changed my perspective on rain and snow and wind.
Bring 'em on! More, please.

My bundle, composed of vintage sheet music mixed with twine, ribbon,
ripped brown paper bags and small tins placed in the cones,
is a bit more ripped and torn and a lot dustier.

But, wait ... . . there's more!
Part two of the collaboration will be to take the bundle apart and create
a new piece of art from the transformed ingredients.

Stay tuned : Next reveal -August 1.

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Blended Blossums::NOT Boring Red Roses

My husband has standing orders :
Never EVER Give Me A Trite Bouquet of Red Roses !

You know what I mean ... .. . the gathering of a dozen roses
that every florist keeps on hand for men to grab, because they
lack true thought and creativity.

I understand this. I also understand that, in these matters -
Men Must Be Trained. ( OK , Tristain - you're exempt
from that statement!)

As long as you smile sweetly and say "Thank you, dear" --
you're doomed to a long life of mediocre bouquets .. .. .
with no one to blame but yourself.

Let them know what you like and, better still, direct them
to a specific florist who knows what you like.

That said: These red roses are a perfect example of a florist
who knows how to take red roses away from being
trite and boring.

Our friends at Quintessentially Flowers have, once again, created
absolutely perfect bouquets by blending three different red/pink rose
variations. They have also made a giant leap -- which is often difficult
with roses -- in that they've given them a rather casual feeling , by
mixing the rosy roses with twigs and trailing ivy.

How perfectly/casually elegant for the railings on this barge !
I can only assume this was for a wedding on a river ... . .

Such a lucky bride.


Blossoms as Sculpture

A single blossom is magic.

A group of blossoms gathered to form a bouquet becomes
a most enchanting sculpture.
I'm loving this group of three. Each container holding a group of the same
leaves or flowers .. .. . the group then becomes a dramatic still life.
This bouquet takes the simplicity of contrasting the scale and form
to perfection. The repetition of the small round berries creates a tension
to allow those glorious lillies to explode.

These beauties have not only taken my breath away . . . ...
they've inspired me to do a
Theme Week: Arrangements of Nature

Stay tuned to see what else Mother Nature has in store .. .. .

[todays' glorious arrangements are from Quentessentially Flowers]


Retiring the Leopard

Small rites of Spring.

This one is so subtle, I barely noticed it to be an annual
passage from winter to summer. During my morning
straighten up and fluff, I realized it was time to put away
The Leopard.

This stole belonged to my husbands' grandmother ... . .
and came complete with a matching hat.
Pure '50s elegance.
I actually enjoy wearing both of them , and especially
treasure the silky hand of this precious fur.

Now , don't write to fuss at me for being politically incorrect ... .
It came to me as a family treasure and I feel that I honor
this gorgeous creature by continuing to enjoy it!

As I'm big on changing the details of my home seasonally,
the first step of my lighten up for spring / summer is
to simplify by putting away the leopard.

Adieu ... .. until next winter.

[photo copyright Judith Thibaut]


Route 66 - A Retro Ride

The vastness of the American West never ceases to amaze.
There's just a LOT of nothin'.

Therein lies the beauty.

Along the high way there are occasional outposts which beckon
and invite the traveler to pause . The signs promise the best
bar b que, the coldest beer and numerous "authentic" Indian
pots / blankets / trinkets.

But, the real draw is the nostalgia for another time ... .. . . a world of
Elvis and Diners and Drive In Movies.

You're lured by the old fashioned feeling ... . .
then reminded you won't miss out on your connected reality as you
settle down in the authentic wild west hotel and pop open your laptop.
(Why, of course we have Wi-Fi!)
There are moments when the line between current reality and nostalgic
ambiance blurs.
Reality: Yes, we have a Vacancy.
Nostalgia: No, we don't actually have rooms for $3.50 .
Guess which one is the tourist.


Stitchin' Stuff

Coming home is good.
Coming home to a lovely surprise is great!

Since I just love sitting down with my sewing machine and
a few scraps of fabric and odd vintage books pages - it's
just always a giggle when I find that some of those little
concoctions end up on the pages of one of the Somerset
publications. Amanda Nolen, the editor at Sew Somerset,
sent me the preview of this little group of pieces which will
be featured in the upcoming Summer 2009 issue.

The article, "Scraps of a Lost Language," was also written by moi.
I always find that part to be a bit challenging. They want something
which speaks of my inspiration and detailed instructions.

All I really need to say is :

1. Sit down with a bunch of junk.
2. Stitch it together.

[click on image to view LARGE and see detail of the old shorthand pages]


Gee .. . That Was Swell

New adventures are always refreshing and invigorating ... .. .
but, there's nothing like coming home.

All that is familiar is suddenly seen with new eyes
and new appreciation.

It's time to .. . . . . exhale.

(And - be VERY grateful for a home to call my own.)


Rattlesnake Memories

I can't say I actually ran into any girls who looked even remotely like these
babes on my morning stroll down main street in Williams, Arizona. This town is
the railway station for the three daily trains which make the two hour trip to
the Grand Canyon.

Though we won't be boarding one of those trains today , it did bring back
memories of a previous Canyon trip.

My first hike of the Canyon was a spring trip in which I hiked
(solo!) down the South Rim to the Colorado River and then up the North Rim
.... ... . 5 days in the vast beauty of this remarkable piece of the
American West.

My favorite trailside sign:
"Beware - Rattlesnake Breeding Area"

I ran ... .


Spring Journey

Journeys always hold the promise of the unknown around the bend.

Even after making a list and checking it twice ( and once more
for good measure) .... . .. there are always surprises.

I'm off for a little Spring Road Trip -
and hoping all the surprises will be of the delightful variety.

Back soon with lots of new adventures to share with you !

*** If you'd like to see more of the little Airstream and some previous travels:


Multi Tasking Easter Bonnets

H A T :
A hat is a head covering. It may be worn for
1. protection against the elements
2. safety 3. a fashion accessory . (wikipedia definition)

First image: Hat as Fashion Accessory ( and Major Statement!)

Second Image: Hat as Personal Safety
( A giant rolled table napkin / serviette always helps protect
ones silk suit with all those popping Champagne corks !)

Third Image: Hat as Protection Against the Elements
( raindrops should never touch couture!)

Fourth Image: Hat As Total Body Covering for Safety
( Chain Mail is back -
the streets are full of numerous dangers!)


New York City may have its Easter Parade , but NO ONE does hats
like the Brits. Our first two photos are of Florence Claridge on
Ladies Day at Ascot: she's known for a quarter century of
outrageous hats at that British Bastion of Hat Heaven.

The second two photos are Philip Treacy hats done for
Alexander McQueen ( both Brits, of course).

Here's hoping your Easter is topped off with the perfect
multi tasking fashion accessory ... . and it doesn't rain on your
parade or easter egg hunt !

[thanks to Hello! magazine and Reuters for the glorious photos]


Bunnies & VooDoo Monsters

Inspiration . Creative Vision. Personal Expression.

I fell in love with these wacky creatures from the talented JunkerJane
and just had to share them with you.

Not your usual Easter Bunnies .. .. . . these have a bit of New Orleans
VooDoo undertone, along with a certain wide eyed innocence.
Just bring your own pins.
This lady pirate must have been lurking at the edges of
Marie Antoinettes' court . . . along with these heartfelt spooks.
(goodness knows, that court was full of intrigue and more than
a few villains!)

Once again, contrast and contradiction renders these babies
no less than totally endearing .

Folky Sophistication at its best.

photos copyright JunkerJane
[monster adoptions available at JunkerJane's etsy shop]


Bunny Hop

How sweet is this ... . . an Easter Bunny with a tiny nest and egg ?? !

All together now : Awwwww . . .

I stitched this image on a little pillow, as my version of an stuffed
bunny - which goes in the mail today, as an Easter gift for my daughter.

Do you have your chocolate eggs yet ?

photo copyright Judith Thibaut


Mr. Armani Goes Camping

I've never thought of Giorgio Armani as a camping kind of guy.
Just never pictured him sitting around a campfire with a bunch of guys
in plaid flannel shirts .. .. .. . drinking a Budweiser and eating hot dogs.

I can easily see him here . . . Aman i Khas, a wilderness camp perched
on the outskirts of Rathambore National Park : Rajasthan, India.
Aman Resorts is a group of superb small hotels (usually around 20 rooms each)
whose focus is luxurious simplicity in extraordinary locations.

You'll find them in places like Indonesia, Bali, India & Morocco.
Their founder, Adrian Zecha, is also the very talented designer.

This group of 10 tents sits along a riverside and also encompasses
a lounge tent, a dining tent and a spa tent.
(aren't you relieved to know you'll be able to book
a massage after a day of photo safari?)
Not that you'll be roughing it ... . at ALL !

It just feels so very . . .... Armani Does Karen Blixen.
Lots of camp style folding chairs / desks and a perfect blend of caramel
leather with linens and crisp white cottons.
( I wonder if there's an Ironing Tent )

This giant tub would be a luxury in any home or hotel.

I love the mix.
The total incongruity of such a refined atmosphere in the midst
of the wilderness. Somehow, it seems to be a nice fit.