Blended Blossums::NOT Boring Red Roses

My husband has standing orders :
Never EVER Give Me A Trite Bouquet of Red Roses !

You know what I mean ... .. . the gathering of a dozen roses
that every florist keeps on hand for men to grab, because they
lack true thought and creativity.

I understand this. I also understand that, in these matters -
Men Must Be Trained. ( OK , Tristain - you're exempt
from that statement!)

As long as you smile sweetly and say "Thank you, dear" --
you're doomed to a long life of mediocre bouquets .. .. .
with no one to blame but yourself.

Let them know what you like and, better still, direct them
to a specific florist who knows what you like.

That said: These red roses are a perfect example of a florist
who knows how to take red roses away from being
trite and boring.

Our friends at Quintessentially Flowers have, once again, created
absolutely perfect bouquets by blending three different red/pink rose
variations. They have also made a giant leap -- which is often difficult
with roses -- in that they've given them a rather casual feeling , by
mixing the rosy roses with twigs and trailing ivy.

How perfectly/casually elegant for the railings on this barge !
I can only assume this was for a wedding on a river ... . .

Such a lucky bride.


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Amen to boring red roses! My first visit to your blog via the bullfight! I so enjoyed the floral arrangements. As I scrolled down there was so much more to enjoy.

My neighbor is a talented international trendsetting floral designer who has agreed to do a presentation for the Monterey, Tennessee garden club on May 12th. Monterey is a very small community up on the Cumberland Plateau about 80 miles east of Nashville. I plan to do a post on the presentation. Be sure and check my blog soon after the 12th!

Ingrid Mida said...

What a stunning arrangement of roses! My favourite flowers are calla lilies. They have a spare elegance that calls to me.

Chrisy said...

Oh I KNOW what you mean about the boring bouquets! And the training! And yes directing them to a florist who knows what you like...Me think you need to be writing a little book with training tips and gorgeous pics....

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the statement: "Let them know what you like and, better still, direct them to a specific florist who knows what you like." My husband wants to please me - but if I don't vocalize my opinion he won't know how!! Great tip! And I'm loving this flower series you're doing!

Courtney said...

Hahaha. When my husband and I were first dating I would casually try to work blanket statements like- "I hate heart jewelry," "I don't like carnations," "I don't really like red roses and think they are cheesy on Valentine's," into our conversations.

I need to work on the guidance bit however because I've had to revise those statements as they weren't totally true (as E has discovered with confusion-- like, "Wait. You like that??") Some heart jewelry is sweet and carnations are fantastic when clustered tightly together.

As for the red roses, they can be absolutely beautiful in the right arrangement and setting (like you've said.) And the Black Magic variety is gorgeous! I do stand by my Valentine's verdict, though, because for me I think they are too expected and done. Coming from a florist's perspective, however, I know there are some women who do love them and think they are perfect for the holiday.

Great post, J!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I understand this. I also understand that, in these matters -
Men Must Be Trained. ( OK , Tristan - you're exempt from that statement!)
are you kidding?
I've been trained by the best!
I would no more run in and buy a ready-made bouquet than I would buy a gift from the kitchenware aisle in the grocers! LOL

I agree with Ingrid (no surprise there! LOL). My favorite flowers are calla lilies. There is something so sensual about both the shape and the odor.

Not to mention, I enjoy saying the name while imitating Katherine Hepburn.

Paul Pincus said...

training is paramount!

great post, btw ; )


Judy said...

Flowers, hmmm
oh yeah my middle son brngs me a bunch of roses every wednesday - no training there.
But... still have to train another one - I agree!

Paula Scott said...

hmm....trying to imagine Tristan saying 'calla lilies' like CH would!
Well, if it was not for one heck of a wedding, then it was one heck of a party on the barge!
Oh, to have been on that guest list!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Rose colour combination is fabulous isn't is? Personally I just about take about any flowers I can get....after 34 yrs. he is simply untrainable it seems. Start training young and early ladies! I'm keeping him anyways.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Bouquet training for men! It should be written into law! My husband does a wonderful job but I still prefer to pick them out myself...such a control freak when it comes to flowers! Roses and ivy - dreamy!