Chinoiserie de Ralph

Swoon worthy looks from last week's Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 show.
Shanghai circa 1930 .. . . so very White Countess.

Love the elegant brocade as smoking jacket ,
the crisp white shirt with tie
and the shawl collars .. . ..
As much as I would love strolling into my closet and finding
any of these delicious pieces waiting,
what I long for most of all is the ability to look this great
in severely slicked back hair - wound tightly into a neat bun.

Alas - probably not in this lifetime . . . for any of the above.

sigh . . . .
Do take a look at the full show here at the newly revamped
RL website.


Wish I Were Here .. .. .

Enough already.
I'm ready for summer - but, I'd settle for spring.
A beach would be lovely . . . especially a beach with this
nifty giant basket, lined with a festive stripe.

Don't you love this bathing beauty
with her studious glasses and polka dot swimsuit ?
What a doll.

Mixed Media - Vintage photo machine stitched & layered
with metallic tulle, postage stamps & a small silver ring . . .
by me.


A Rather Grand Flash Mob

Since the details of New York's Fashion Week are scheduled months ahead,
the axiously awaited surprises are usually reserved for which designer chooses
to emphasize which look, cut or design.

This year's surprise was a very non traditional presentation at a most
surprising location . . . . Moncler staged a flash mob in the middle
of Grand Central Station. There was an instant PR frenzy , which has rumbled
about the street for several days. The full video has finally appeared
and includes a staggering range of music from Miss Streisand to classical
and even rolls into a 42nd Street Broadway tap !



Photos by Dan Nguyen

With thanks to Trendland


Anti Bling :: Jewels of Extreme Creativity

Margarita Mileva is a NY based Bulgarian Architect and . . . much more.
She is a true artist . . . one who looks at obsolete tools in her
office and creates unique pieces of jewelry.

She calls this collection of paperclips, mosaic stone samples,
presentation wire binding , rubber bands and ribbons
"Recycling of the Architectural Office "

For more examples of Margarita's extreme creativity go HERE -
to see additional jewelry , as well as dresses constructed of rubber bands ( ? !! )
and HERE to visit her Etsy shop.

So refreshing. So inspiring.

Here's hoping you have an enchanting & creative weekend.

With thanks to Trendland for the heads up on this artist


Helen's Big Adventure .. Was Just Beginning

One full month into 2011 . . ...
and the adventure continues.
Here's hoping your travels are unfolding
with great beauty & enchantment.

Digital collage by me