The Next Adventure Calls

It's time to fly away
To another place and another time.

The time has come to regroup
and get back to my creative roots.

I shall return.
Until then, I'll send postcards
from ... ... . ???



Yummy Runway :: Chocolats de Paris

Paris always has it ALL.
But, especially this week.

Crinolines & Hoop Skirts & Marie Antoinette inspired hats.
In my book, those are all reason to swoon.
Dip them all in Chocolate and I'll require a fainting couch.

These yummy creations are but a few of the chocolate inspired &
embellished moments from the opening night fashion show
at the 15th Annual Salon du Chocolat.

Dive in .. . roll around . . . & drown in Les Reves du Chocolat.

Need another bite? Go HERE to see the Daily Mail article.


Reflections on Fall

Looking back to the near (or far) past and reflecting on where
I've been seems to be an activity of the time between summer
and winter. Remembering other falls,
I've realized it's my favorite time to travel.

These images were all from a recent fall trip to Scotland / England /
Ireland & the Isle of Man. Sailing the quiet coasts of these neighboring
islands was a perfect fall adventure. Plenty of time for exploring, as well
as simply reclining on deck and watching the changing vistas.
Yes, there were many photos of those changing coastal views and
treks down country roads. Not surprising.

What I found surprising , upon editing my photos ... . . was the number
of photographs which focused on literal reflections.
Mirror, windows ... . .. even a large glass trampoline!

I snapped the image of the brilliant polka dot jacket as I exited the shop.
I loved it. I wanted to make it mine ! Alas, it was not to be.
(Those with bodies above a size 6 need not apply)

The only way it would come home with me was through this pic.
I hadn't realized I was in the photo until I enlarged it and
found my hand & bracelet shown in the lower left corner.

The bracelet and the jacket are perfect together.
Both share a bit of whimsy .
And .. . . because of closer inspection of this reflection,
I'm happy to report that we'll always be together.
Notes on the above photos:
Image 1 : the Prestonfield Hotel / Edinburgh, Scotland
Images 2 & 3 : Glasgow - Museum of Modern Art & Armani

Closer inspection of all these photos is suggested -
just click on each image to view LARGE.
*** I'll be taking off for a Fall adventure tomorrow.
See you next week , with a few current reflections.


A Suit of Lights .. . . for Two

My closet is full of nonsense. Those pieces pushed all the way to
the back, which I occasionally investigate and wonder :
WHY did I do that ?!!

There are even a few pieces which I occasionally dream of and wonder:
Why DIDN'T I do that ??!

The classic toreadors suit of lights is at the top of that list.
There were several I remember from El Rastro .. . . the wondrous
Sunday Flea Market in Madrid. I so regret caving in to my
husband as he rolled his eyes and reminded me of all the weight it
would add to my luggage. ( I should have at least picked up a
pair of the Perfect Pink tights )

This week brought two matador sightings - a stunning screen, from
artist Christian Gaillard and a lovely post from Lala at My Castle in Spain.
She writes , from Granada, about an article in the current AD /Spain
which features damask fabrics and a torero theme.

The extra weight in the suitcase would have been so worth it!

Have a dazzling weekend . . .. . .