A Suit of Lights .. . . for Two

My closet is full of nonsense. Those pieces pushed all the way to
the back, which I occasionally investigate and wonder :
WHY did I do that ?!!

There are even a few pieces which I occasionally dream of and wonder:
Why DIDN'T I do that ??!

The classic toreadors suit of lights is at the top of that list.
There were several I remember from El Rastro .. . . the wondrous
Sunday Flea Market in Madrid. I so regret caving in to my
husband as he rolled his eyes and reminded me of all the weight it
would add to my luggage. ( I should have at least picked up a
pair of the Perfect Pink tights )

This week brought two matador sightings - a stunning screen, from
artist Christian Gaillard and a lovely post from Lala at My Castle in Spain.
She writes , from Granada, about an article in the current AD /Spain
which features damask fabrics and a torero theme.

The extra weight in the suitcase would have been so worth it!

Have a dazzling weekend . . .. . .


willow said...

This screen is fabulous. There is something just too sexy-hot about a matador.

Ingrid Mida said...

The beauty of that fabric sends shivers down my spine.

Chrisy said...

Your blog is looking fabulous darling! Beautiful fabrics...so rich...Gaillard's work is exquisite...it was interesting to read about the 'dance' of the bullfight...

Joyful said...

Stunning images of the suit of lights. Sorry you didn't bring one home but so glad you can enjoy in other's posts, like Lala.

Alaine said...

Loooooove that screen! As Willow said, HOT!!

gina said...

amazing love the screen! also thanks for telling rosie about my blog she did a wonderful job on the wallpaper for the shoe shop.

Kitty Shepherd said...

It is a lovely screen and lovely post. If you ever want to buy really good matador clothing (some is vintage) and other related things have a look at this site https://www.toroshopping.com
I have bought some of the pink silk stockings and they are beautiful, they arrived by post wrapped in manila paper with a very old fashioned paper printed label, my name was hand written in fountain pen.
The site is in Spanish, French and English.

studioJudith said...

Thanks for all your kind comments about the screen .. . I just thought it was unique & stunning and
yes - HOT.

Kitty .. . how great of you to share your online source for matador clothing ! Those pink tights wrapped in the manila paper sound like a gift from another time.

JM said...

This screen is simply gorgeous!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Judith, its the festival of lights here in India,and your post couldn't have been timed better...although in India, homes are decked up with lights not people :) Awesome gear!

Sanity Fair said...

I completely agree: You have to go with your gut and ignore the "eye rollers." They'll forget all about it later - but you'll still be sorry! Glad you found some new great finds.

Paula Scott said...

I so agree! It certainly would have been worth it! Is that not the sexiest screen you've ever seen? I don't think I ever used that word before to describe a screen!

Di Overton said...

What a fabulous screen. I have one with the four seasons in oil on canvas but would love this one to go with it :)

My Castle in Spain said...

Wow...i love that screen Judith!
oh i think at least you should have got the pink tights :-)
My friend Gym sells some vintage suits of lights in her shop..I'm always tempted to buy one!
I went on Christian Gaillard site..his work is fabulous !
thank you for introducing him and thank you for the wink too!

Judy said...

i agree, should have got that one - if only to see it irl, i would have loved that. there's always next time...