Resolution . . . Let's Try This One Again

Geraldo vowed to see the world through new eyes .

Digital Collage by me.


At Last . . . In the Spirit

It finally happened.
The spirit of the season has landed.
Perhaps it was the blanket of snow which started
yesterday and continues - ever so gently - this morning.

Mr. T is outside shoveling . . .
and I'm inside wrapping gifts & making
Christmas cards.

Loved this image of the ever fab Marchesa Casati ... . .
it really does seem as if she wanted to
a Christmas tree .

Now that's truly getting in the spirit !

Digital collage by me -
original vintage photo of Marchesa Luisa Casati .


Christmas Borzoi

Greta and her large friend
were hoping that all the Fa La La would soon commence.

( I'm thinking she's not alone . . . tis the season to anticipate. )

Digital collage by me.


May I Introduce . . .

These images left me speechless.
I shall simply note that this is the remarkable work
of Christian Tagliavini . . . . who says this about his work -
" I build up stories and dramatize them using photography
and creativity as a skillful artifice, at the same time being
author, stage designer, costume designer, casting director -
and photographer."

Sir -
Were I a contemporary Medici, I would rush to commission you
to create my wardrobe and immortalize the family in portraits
which would hang in my castle . . . . designed by Axel Vervoordt.

But of course !

All images from the 1503 series : Christian Tagliavini .


The Elephant in the Room

About that elephant.

Someone needs to mention it . . .
especially when it's the perfect touch of surprise & amusement
in this Hampton's guest room .
He does seem to be standing guard and quite ever ready
for the next group of arrivals.

He brought a big grin to my Monday . . .
and I just had to share him with you.

** You may remember these remarkable topiary elephants
from a previous post. More wondrous whimsy. **
Photography by Jean-Francois Jaussaud


Ralph Lauren Does 4D

Ralph has done it again. Something very beautiful and very special.
Billed as the world's first 4 Dimesional experience, it premiered in London and
New York on November 10.

Though I never post videos and
rarely even watch a video on another blog, I do hope you'll
take a look at this and . . . . . enjoy.

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - New York from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

Wonder how it was done . . . .
here's a fascinating piece on the technology
and the making of this bit of magic.

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – Behind The Scenes from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.


Another Place Another Time :: Daisy & Cecil

We last visited one of Cecil Beaton's ever elegant ladies
whilst having a reflective moment moment here.

Today's grand dame, Daisy Fellowes, is captured lounging
on the deck of one of her yachts.

Don't you think the parasol is the perfect punctuation
for her chic ensemble ?

Digital Collage by me


Stacks of Pumpkins :: The White House

I adore pumpkins and . . . I adore stacks.
I've even written about my love
of stacks of books and luggage - here & here & here.

So, it will come as no surprise that I was delighted to find the White House
had covered the north lawn and portico with glorious stacks of gourds,
pumpkins and squash for their Halloween event.

So simple - so effective.

Of course, I'm trying to figure out the method for keeping all those
pumpkins standing so tall. I'm thinking . . . cut off top stems and treat
the entire stack like a big shish kabob. Your thoughts . . ?


Wanda Welcomes Agneta

A special thanks to dear Agneta, my Swedish friend
behind the always enchanting Wabi & Sabi blog.
She has kindly featured some of my art in todays' post -
do stop by and browse her beautiful world.

Digital Collage "Wanda" by me.


Marilyn :: 1953 :: A Fresh New Look

The summer of 1953 was a busy summer for photographer John Vachon.
LOOK magazine sent him to Canada to cover three American films being shot
in the Canadian Rockies. One of those films, River of No Return,
featured a blond starlet by the name of Marilyn Monroe.
Only three of the photos done during this shoot were ever published.
The rest have remained unpublished until now.
Vachon's letters to his wife, Penny, reveal his impressions of this rare
experience . . . including the fact that he felt Marilyn's co star, Robert Mitchum,
was an "unmitigated jerk."
Due to an injured ankle which prevented her from filming, Vachon had access
to Marilyn over a period of several days. This extraordinary portfolio captures
revealing images . . . from her posing poolside to riding a ski lift with soon
to be husband Joe DiMaggio.

These images truly give Marilyn fans a rarely seen and endearing portrait.
Vachon approached this glamour girl from his background as a people
photographer - not the usual Hollywood angle.

Of the over 100 never before seen photos, I especially adore the one of
Marilyn with crutches & cast and the single stylish black heel.

Do check out this enchanting new book by Dover:
Marilyn, August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos
Photographs by John Vachon, Text by Brian Wallis

You might also enjoy this link to
some Dover ecards which feature several
of these wonderful photos.

Or, for a closer look, just click on the direct Amazon link
in my feature column to the right.

All photos copyright the estate of
John Vachon - Dover Publications


Statuesque Humour from Hermes

So simple. So clever.
Hermes Scarf Ties .. . .
displayed on a few historical males.
There's always a bit of enchantment
in the World of Hermes , long one of my favorite
websites for pure creativity and an ever changing
melange of amusements.

Missed my previous posts on Hermes fun ?
Go here to view some playful Tangrams
or here for some sumptuous stacks of stuff.


Eau de Elegance . . .

Hers was the rarest of all fragrances .. . .
pure elegance.

Digital Collage by me.


Floating Through Fall

Summer seems to be lingering. Mixed messages abound.
August warmth meets golden leaves.

All in all, a perfect time to float around a quiet alpine lake
or above a lazy river.


Digital collages by me.


Avant Garde Vintage

Every detail is simply swoonworthy.
This little shop finds the perfect mix of vintage
Comme des Garcon and Yohji Yamamoto,

mixes it with liberal doses of 19th c. Americana and plays it
all against a clean white/black background.

Viola .. . . a unique cocktail that could only exist
on New York's Lower East Side.

Specifically -
Dear: Rivington +
at 95 Rivington Street

With thanks to Trendland for the
heads up on this small jewel.


Gertrude Reflects

Cecil Beaton often photographed the elegant and the glamorous
whilst gazing over a shoulder into a mirror. There seems to be an
indication that their beauty was simply too much for a single
image ... . . or was it an acknowledgment that we should all
take a moment to reflect occasionally ?

Whatever the intention -
He seems to have captured Gertrude Lawrence
in a reflective questioning moment.

My simple answer to that question.
Yes, Gertrude, you look divine.

Digital collage by me.


Quotes of Note :: Balance

Let's hear it for Thomas Merton .. . . who noted :

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity
but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

Digital Collage by me.


The Remarkable Ruth ... .

.. . that would be Ruth St. Denis. I've written about her inspirational
life and pioneering dance company , Denishawn, in previous posts.
Do take a look here to find out more about this exotic beauty.

Digital Collage by me.


A Summer to Remember

Ralph & Frieda would never forget the special summer
they ran away with the circus ... . ..


Digital Collage by me


When Elegance Included .. . A Cigarette

CB :: Constance Bennett - 1931

Digital Collage by me


Coming Apart at the Seams

Harold needed to get a grip ... .. . .

Digital collage by me.


An Articulated Moment

The Story of O ... . . .
a bit fractured.



A Girl & Her Dog

Alice loved Frisky ... . . . almost as much as she loved her hat.

Vintage photo- digitally altered by moi.


Simon Said

- he caught a really big fish , but none of the other boys believed
him . . . ... ... until they saw the photograph.


Original vintage photo from New Zealand cica 1915:
digital enhancements by moi.


Dame Diana's Great Adventure

Diana wondered if her sense of adventure had taken her too far ... . . .

Digitally altered vintage photo by moi.


Small Stories -The Swell Set

The Trenton Triplets were often issued invitations to appear at
afternoon tea dances given by the local swell set .. .. . .
as they were sure to add a note of exotic elegance.