Current Enchantmets:: Arthur's Photos

So what else does the lens of the deeply talented Arthur Elgort focus on,
besides pretty girls perched on leopard spotted cars?
Many moods in many places.

Consider these images just an appetizer.
For a totally enchanting immersion,
treat yourself to a visit to the Arthur Elgort website . ...

The opening, filmed, ballet sequence is
guaranteed to transport you to another world.


The Leopard Returns

Last Spring ( April, actually) I noted that a sure sign of changing
seasons at my house is the retiring of the Leopard stole from the
back of a bench in my dining room to the coat closet.

Spring , Summer and Fall have passed and Winter is upon us.
It's time for the Leopard to resume its cozy position.

The first photo is a small tribute to my Leopard ... . .
just because I adore the concept of a Leopard car !
(With great thanks to the brilliant photography
of Arthur Elgort --- look for more of his work to
be featured soon )

Do you have small seasonal changes at your home?

Read more about my Leopard's story here.


Friday Crush :: Tiger Clutch

Be still my heart.

Mere words would fail to describe how much
I adore this vintage Carlos Falchi bag.

So, I'll not even attempt any clever notes.

Happy Weekend, dear friends . . .. . .