Thoughts From Napoleon on Wealth Disparity

Religion is the only thing
that keeps the poor from murdering the rich.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Collage by studio Judith


Matisse on Goldfish

I wouldn't mind turning into
a vermilion goldfish.
Henri Matisse

Collage by studio Judith


Tina :: The Red Carpet in Chanel

 Collage by studio Judith


Tina Chow :: A Personal Remembrance

As an admirer of Tina Chow, I was thrilled to find her stunning jewelry in Bergdorf Goodman's in the mid 80's
and promptly purchased a Rutilated Quartz Temple ring.

Several months later I ran into her, told her how much I was enjoying the ring and asked what she thought
about wearing it as a pendant.
  She loved the idea and insisted that it should only be worn on a silk cord handwoven by her favorite weaver in Tokyo. Within a few weeks an envelope of handmade paper
arrived bearing the cord and a dear note from Tina.

After all these years ... . ring, silk cord and note
retain a place of honour on my desk.

Collage by studio Judith


Louise Brooks :: Ever Lulu

A well dressed woman, even though her purse 
is painfully empty, can conquer the world.
Louise Brooks

Collage by studio Judith


Jean Harlow - The Original Blonde Bombshell

Long before Madonna and Marilyn ... . there was Jean.
Though she never saw her 27th birthday, her short career
encompassed 36 movies ( 1928-1937) and she was the first
actress to appear on the cover of Life magazine.

Known for her trendsetting platinum blonde hair
and credited with skyrocketing sales of peroxide,
botched attempts to look like Jean forced
thousands of women to cut their hair.

Clark Gable said of Jean -
"She didn't want to be famous ... she wanted to be happy."

What a concept !!

Collage by studio Judith