Some Fun -Beneath the Parasol ... .

It's Monday & I'm thinkin '... . F U N .

In particular , Old Fashioned Girls having
old fashioned fun at the beach and on the sea.
These photos just made me smile.
And had me humming a bit of my favorite
Cyndi Lauper song -- - -
" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun "
Whether you're feeling like the above party girls
or the calmer girls on deck ... . .
do make time just for you and whatever
your idea of fun is.
Why wait for the weekend??

(You probably won't be surprised by my choice:
I'll go for the Daisy Fellowes-on-her-yacht kind of fun .
In spite of what this image may imply, she was quite the
rebellious socialite of her time ... . . who knew how to
break the rules and set new standards for - Fun ! )

altered photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Small Moments of Magic

Who says very Small can't be ... . . very Special?

This small Moment of Magic is brought to you straight from
a tree near my sister's house - - - with my awestruck daughter
observing and giving a bit of perspective.

[view LARGE to grasp the perfection of this moment]

photo copyright James Dower


Closet Envy & Contemplations

Here comes heresy ... . My all time Favorite Closet doesn't
belong to Marie . I'm an Elizabethan girl.

She chose deeper colors and adored Black & White, mixed with
lots of gold and those endless pearl embellishments.
Sound familiar ? Could she have been a
previous incarnation of our - Madame Chanel?

I've thought of Elizabeth a lot recently . . . as I've worn my loose
summer frocks and run about barefoot.
How did she survive the heat in all those layers and corsets??
It isn't as if she simply retreated to the air conditioned
rooms in the castle.

I must admit to having similar concerns for another
fashion mentor: Scarlet O'Hara.
Running around beneath the shady branches of
the old Oak trees at all those picnics , in all those
petticoats. And then .. . . there were the heavy velvet curtains.
Mon Dieu.
Have a cool and serene weekend, dear friends
in the Northern Hemisphere.
[Dear Chrisy, and other Aussie friends:
we are so jealous of your chill!]

Mixed Media Art: copyright Judith Thibaut


Somewhere, Across the Sea ... .

Who could resist this inviting path to the sea?
Let's explore -

Just click on the slide show and
(once again!)
Dream with Me .. . .

(for the MOST fun : click on the arrow to access the
slide feature -- - when it opens, choose the full screen mode
and turn UP the music)
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow:


Travels du Jour::Pool with a View

There are many lovely pools with many lovely views.
A pool at the edge of another body of water .. . be it a lake or
an ocean ... . . doubles the aquatic immersion.
I have great memories of this particular view.
A small hotel in a small village in France.
An area known for inspiring artists such as
Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Chagall, Leger and Calder.
This small hotel was known to be especially appreciative
and supportive of these artists early in their careers ... .
often trading meals and lodging in exchange for paintings
and sculpture. The art remains - - on the walls in the restaurant
& the guest rooms, as well as in the courtyard and around the pool.

To swim in this cool shaded pool and float under the stunning Calder
mobile is perhaps my favorite pool view.

Many of you may recognize this to be Hotel La Colombe d'Or
in Saint Paul de Vence. Visit their website HERE to learn
more about the history of this charming inn .... . but, know
that July and August tend to be tres crowded, so an off season
visit will allow for a quieter pool experience.


Travels du Jour :: Return to Home

We couldn't wait to leave ... . .
now , we can't wait to get home.
Isn't that always the best part of a journey?
There seem to be an abundance of cars waiting to whisk us off
to our various destinations ... ... ... .
I'm carrying several journals to finish up my notes on
our divine sailing adventure .
Though, I must say, those girls across the street
seem to be having fun -
Maybe just one spin - - -- before I return to my real life

Where shall we go next ??? ?
Any thoughts ?

Altered Photos: copyright Judith Thibaut