Small Moments of Magic

Who says very Small can't be ... . . very Special?

This small Moment of Magic is brought to you straight from
a tree near my sister's house - - - with my awestruck daughter
observing and giving a bit of perspective.

[view LARGE to grasp the perfection of this moment]

photo copyright James Dower


Paula Scott said...

And, you got the shot! That is so priceless! You ought to enter it in the upcoming New Mexico Magazine photo contest.

gina said...

What a great capture of nature, beauty and ahhh life in a childs eyes no mater how young or old they are it is amazing to see thru their eyes.

studioJudith said...

Paula .. . wish I could claim that
I "got the shot" - but, credit must go to my brother in law: both for the photo AND for being observant enough
to spot this tiny treasure.

Gina .. true, we are always intrigued with life through our childrens'
eyes - even when that child is an
adult with children of her own.

vicki archer said...

Beautiful Judith, xv.

Linda/"Mom" said...

* FABULOUS & BREATHTAKING, no matter WHO took the pic!!! What an absolutely joyous moment to have in your heart AND on film! Many thanks for the smile!

Linda in AZ *

Alaine said...

Oh, that's exquisite!

Di Overton said...

What a fabulous image. We have house martins nesting on our neighbours windows, not my windows as I am not so accommodating. When I exit the cottage I invariably have to duck to avoid them swooping past me. Trees are the place to nest I think :)

Celeste Maia said...

That's what life if about. Magic moments like this one. There are so many moments, yet only those who are attentive catch them. Very lovely posting. Your daughter is gorgeous and such a nice smile.

Haven and Home said...

What a special picture, good things come in small packages!

Courtney said...

What an incredible moment to have captured!

Merisi said...

A truly magic moment!

Where would we be without these?

Cynthia said...

What a beautiful moment...I have never seen a hummingbird's nest. It's so tiny and precious...a little cup. <3