Some Fun -Beneath the Parasol ... .

It's Monday & I'm thinkin '... . F U N .

In particular , Old Fashioned Girls having
old fashioned fun at the beach and on the sea.
These photos just made me smile.
And had me humming a bit of my favorite
Cyndi Lauper song -- - -
" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun "
Whether you're feeling like the above party girls
or the calmer girls on deck ... . .
do make time just for you and whatever
your idea of fun is.
Why wait for the weekend??

(You probably won't be surprised by my choice:
I'll go for the Daisy Fellowes-on-her-yacht kind of fun .
In spite of what this image may imply, she was quite the
rebellious socialite of her time ... . . who knew how to
break the rules and set new standards for - Fun ! )

altered photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Ingrid Mida said...

I love the beach and I think I need to inject some fun into my week! What a grand idea.

gina said...

Love the photos.
What fun to see the past...clothes,entertainment, etc.
Girls just wanna have fun
they just wanna

JM said...

What a wonderful set! The beach scenes were fabulous on these days!

Celeste Maia said...

Ah those retro bathing suits, they were the rage. Do you remember when the bikini first appeared? That is when girls just wanna have fun started... there was so much extra flesh showing. Now it is back to retro bathing suits, thank goodness, and jewellery. Fine you stay under the umbrella...or on the yatch.
Such a good entry, Judy!

Chrisy said...

Likin the pink edges on these pics girl! Yes me too under the umbrella on the yacht watching...maybe I'd have more fun if I changed my name to Daisy...reminds me of the Great Gatsby....I remember one phrase about Daisy's laughter tinkling like little bells...well I just might be Daisy for today!
ps please the Lady arrived to grace you with her presence and good luck!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Love these images!

My Castle in Spain said...

Love all these bathing suits! you know, in a way i think they're sexier than a mini bikini.
i've got one from Repetto which looks quite retro, with blue and white stripes and love wearing it.

Have a fun day sun bathing!

Courtney said...

I love these photos! They are fantastic. And I like your thinking-- why wait for the weekend?! While tomorrow is almost the weekend, maybe I will have to do something just for fun and just for me anyway!

lyptis said...

Oh, i want one of those white bathing suits with the rabbits or mountains or whatever is on it!!

And the costumes!! They are so Awesome!!:D
Love it! I wanna dress up now!:)

Di Overton said...

Love these pics they all look like my aunties.