Stacked::Hermes Style

Those ever clever folks at Hermes are at again.
The top photo of is from an old catalog ... .. .. which I've kept for
more than a few years. Not because I was hoping to place an
order, simply because:

- I adore stacks of stuff.

- I adore those gorgeous boxes.

- I adore this image , because it's just about the cleverest
stack job I've ever seen.
Since my two favorite objects to stack are
books and vintage luggage - -
You can imagine my delight when I came across this Hermes scarf,
featuring a stack of luggage !

Now they've got me going on a new theme:


Stay tuned for a few of my own personal stacks .
A lot of books .. .. . A few pieces of vintage crocodile luggage.


JM said...

Both images are really cool! Hermes campaigns are allways very good.

Ingrid Mida said...

Hermes, how divine!!! Give us more Hermes please...
Here's an odd fact: Hermes was the ancient Greek god of roads, commerce, invention, cunning and theft. LOL! Maybe that is why they charge so much for a little swath of silk!

Scarlet said...

Waiting to see more of your stacks. I love all the photos!

vicki archer said...

Look forward to your stacks - love a stack myself, xv.

Bayou Contessa said...

I have always loved "Hermes orange" and your stacking idea is such a modern way to display one's collection of stackable things.

paris parfait said...

I like stacks too. These are great!

Brillante Home Decor said...

Hi Judith, thanks for visiting my blog so I had a chance of discovering you...I will read more of your blog, so far I love the stack post. Clever.

Brillante Home Decor said...

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Hope you 'll like it!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I love any boxes....especially when they are Hermes. Great photo to share.

Di Overton said...

Hey, I have a stack of Hermes boxes and a stack of vintage leather suitcases in my bedroom.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

I love this inspiratonal stacking thing. thank you for dropping my blog. RCLV