Girls in Top Hats

Though I've never been one for witches hats, I'll
always use Halloween as an excuse to don my
favorite vintage top hat .... .
well worn beaver, with a silk lining.

Hope your weekend is topped off with
something amusing from your closet ... . .
and a few decadent & tasty treats.

Collages by studio Judith


A Bit of Gold

Collage by studio Judith


Marie Goes to Hermes

Illustration for a modern fairy tale ... .
in which Marie Antoinette orders a dozen pink
Oran sandals from Hermes and loves them so much
she sends them to her milliner to have them
made into a headdress.  A new trend at court ?

Mais Oui !!

Collage by studio Judith

Diamonds & Safety Pins


Our Lady of Louboutin

Long time no see ? That's an understatement !

I've spent the summer (and half the fall)
being very quiet and working on my art.

In the coming days, I'll be posting some of the art I've
been playing with over these past months.

Thanks to all of you who have sent messages and left notes.
It's been so touching to know you've been thinking of me.

I've missed you, too . . .

Our Lady of Louboutin by Judith Thibaut