Wanda Welcomes Agneta

A special thanks to dear Agneta, my Swedish friend
behind the always enchanting Wabi & Sabi blog.
She has kindly featured some of my art in todays' post -
do stop by and browse her beautiful world.

Digital Collage "Wanda" by me.


Marilyn :: 1953 :: A Fresh New Look

The summer of 1953 was a busy summer for photographer John Vachon.
LOOK magazine sent him to Canada to cover three American films being shot
in the Canadian Rockies. One of those films, River of No Return,
featured a blond starlet by the name of Marilyn Monroe.
Only three of the photos done during this shoot were ever published.
The rest have remained unpublished until now.
Vachon's letters to his wife, Penny, reveal his impressions of this rare
experience . . . including the fact that he felt Marilyn's co star, Robert Mitchum,
was an "unmitigated jerk."
Due to an injured ankle which prevented her from filming, Vachon had access
to Marilyn over a period of several days. This extraordinary portfolio captures
revealing images . . . from her posing poolside to riding a ski lift with soon
to be husband Joe DiMaggio.

These images truly give Marilyn fans a rarely seen and endearing portrait.
Vachon approached this glamour girl from his background as a people
photographer - not the usual Hollywood angle.

Of the over 100 never before seen photos, I especially adore the one of
Marilyn with crutches & cast and the single stylish black heel.

Do check out this enchanting new book by Dover:
Marilyn, August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos
Photographs by John Vachon, Text by Brian Wallis

You might also enjoy this link to
some Dover ecards which feature several
of these wonderful photos.

Or, for a closer look, just click on the direct Amazon link
in my feature column to the right.

All photos copyright the estate of
John Vachon - Dover Publications


Statuesque Humour from Hermes

So simple. So clever.
Hermes Scarf Ties .. . .
displayed on a few historical males.
There's always a bit of enchantment
in the World of Hermes , long one of my favorite
websites for pure creativity and an ever changing
melange of amusements.

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Eau de Elegance . . .

Hers was the rarest of all fragrances .. . .
pure elegance.

Digital Collage by me.


Floating Through Fall

Summer seems to be lingering. Mixed messages abound.
August warmth meets golden leaves.

All in all, a perfect time to float around a quiet alpine lake
or above a lazy river.


Digital collages by me.


Avant Garde Vintage

Every detail is simply swoonworthy.
This little shop finds the perfect mix of vintage
Comme des Garcon and Yohji Yamamoto,

mixes it with liberal doses of 19th c. Americana and plays it
all against a clean white/black background.

Viola .. . . a unique cocktail that could only exist
on New York's Lower East Side.

Specifically -
Dear: Rivington +
at 95 Rivington Street

With thanks to Trendland for the
heads up on this small jewel.