Wanda Welcomes Agneta

A special thanks to dear Agneta, my Swedish friend
behind the always enchanting Wabi & Sabi blog.
She has kindly featured some of my art in todays' post -
do stop by and browse her beautiful world.

Digital Collage "Wanda" by me.


*Tasiaa said...

I like WABI & SABI very- very much.

And I'm very glad, that she has introduced your blog!

I'll come back to you!


Leovi said...

I like your blog, I find it very interesting.

Agneta said...

Lots of love


Linda Sue said...

Love this illustration beyond LOVE, really! Went over to the Swedish one's blog and swooned some more. By the way, I love saying "Judith" , I feel like I am five years old again speaking with a lisp...makes me feel young!I love your name!Love your work!

Ingrid Mida said...

I'm on my way. I love all your work Judith. It is filled with whimsy and delight.

Leau said...

you crack me up! great stuff and how fun to be on Wabi & Sabi...2 of my favorite things! Enjoy the golden weekend!