Masked Seven

I've done a series of these - they incorporate some of my very favorite elements: black (of course!), gold, tulle, muslin, vintage sheet music, wire and those delightful little dominos.


Frayed Glory ( a work in progress)

Phrenology ... . Expanded & Pierced

This piece started out as a "simple" Artist Trading Card: then it seemed to take on a life of it's own and became a four panel folding card with multiple phrenology images, mohawks and pierced noses ... . . which all wrap together with the attached ribbon. ( Made for Elaine in the great northern woods of Canada .. .)


Queen Elizabeth I - Portrait Group

Indeed, I am having a major Tudor Moment ... . . most recently, Henry and his assemblage of wives and now the Queen-With-The-Wardrobe-I-Most-Covet: Liz One. It's so interesting to see her progression from relatively simple young queen ( lower left coronation portrait) to
tres decked out with those incredible pearls and froufy collars. Truly the roots of Foofaraw .....
..... .. . .


"Wives of Henry VIII" - Six Panel folding mixed media ATC

This piece was traded with Rob in Mansfield, England for his group of Henry's
six wives ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/thornycourt/485532832/). My interest in these ladies was initiated by Riet van Piet's beautiful group (http://www.flickr.com/photos/riet/sets/72157594469180726/).Riet is from the Netherlands and does incredible embroidery and beadwork. Each of these groups are such unique interpretations of a single theme !

Detail of 6 panel "Wives of Henry VIII"