Birthday Wishes

For my dearest friend, Konni.

I wish we were together today -- - preferably in Paris.

I wish we could shop for all the delights and
amusements that tickled our fancy.

I wish that we could sit together in a private room
at Laduree and eat every bit of the towering Chocolate Macaron Cake
and not feel an ounce of guilt.

Since none of those wishes are likely to happen today -

I'll simply wish for ALL your DREAMS to come true.
(and very quickly ..... . . . before either of us get any older! )


Small Stories:: Stanford in the Spotlight (3)

Though still confused by the applause and the spotlight,
Stanford & Stella were delighted to glance across the ballroom
and find their friend Wilbert.
Surely you remember Wilbert - - -
The little giraffe who emerged from a birdcage HERE.

Digital Collage by me.


Small Stories:: Applause for Stanford (2)

Stanford was shocked to hear the applause as he
entered the ballroom at the chateau .. . . .
Digital Collage by moi:
Small Stories & Deliberate Deviations-
Applause for Stanford


Small Stories:: Stanford & Stella (1)

Stanford & Stella strolled through the front door of the chateau
in hopes they could blend in with the other party guests . . .

Digital collage by moi -
Small Stories & Deliberate Deviations : A Series of Visual Ponderings


CC = Creative Chanel

No, today's post isn't about the Chanel Cruise 2011 collection which
debuted in Saint Tropez yesterday ... . every other blogger has
already covered that.

Frankly, I'm more impressed with the creativity of this
seen-on-the-street kid. Even though my closet has seen its share
of the real thing - I've got to say this double C is by far
my all time favorite!

Spotted at Maison Chaplin


At Long Last - Unstuck

I've been struggling with learning some new tools.
That's an oblique way of saying .. . I've been in a creative rut.
Though I'm an old fashioned cut & paste (and stitch) collagist , I've
longed to teach myself some digital image layering which can be
utilized as a base.
Last week it all came together . There was I moment when I could exhale
and then a moment when I could start to play.

Just had to share my first steps.


The 2010 Series : Digital Collage by moi

More to come . . .. .


Le Cage :: Time to Fly

Consider my little card a bit of encouragement .. .
a Mother's Day reminder to spread your wings & take a leap.
You know what it is - something you've pushed to the back burner.

Whether you're a Mom or not , open the door to a new adventure.

I just love this bathing beauty ... . . anyone who'd choose this festive
sombrero for a day at the beach is my kind of girl!

Digital Collage by moi.
(Do click on the image to view large)


Marvelous Maps

It takes a very special eye to look at something quite ordinary and
expand the possibilities of what it could be. Elizabeth Lecourt has both
the eye and the talent to bring that possibility into fruition.
From her talented hands emerge carefully crafted prim little pleated
dresses and a few classic shirts.

As one who adores maps and loves to play with paper - these unique
sculptures just sang to me.

See more of Elizabeth's work HERE and HERE.


Monday Madness :: Choose Your Bling

Tis the first of May .. . .
and I'm feeling the need for a bit of boldness.

I thought nothing could top the collection of shoes
cascading down the chains -
until I spotted the cascade of Golden Chairs !

Frankly , they made my day.
I do hope they'll bring a smile and
a bit of bold inspiration to yours.

Don't know who to attribute these bits of outrageous whimsy to,
but if you'd like to see more - check out Nuovo Magazine.