Small Stories:: Stanford in the Spotlight (3)

Though still confused by the applause and the spotlight,
Stanford & Stella were delighted to glance across the ballroom
and find their friend Wilbert.
Surely you remember Wilbert - - -
The little giraffe who emerged from a birdcage HERE.

Digital Collage by me.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


did we know before his name was Wilbert?

I just don't know if I can trust somebody named Wilbert.

However, the collage is fab - you're a regular picnikin' nut!

sinnlighet said...

Storks and a giraffe neck, soooo beautiful and fun combination!

Judith, you know that you are one of the best in my blog world!

Agneta with love

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I can see their little heads bobbing along as they walk. Cracks me up. Their future is in your hands!

My Castle in Spain said...

Bis !! and the Monsieur et Madame in the background is just so perfect!
Well done, Judith!! :-)

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulously creative image and too cute story line

Paula Scott said...

This 'series' of small stories lend themselves to the "S" posts for ABC Weds!
Always a unique visit here...I never know what fabulous things you will have posted. and, it always leaves me wondering, "how do you do it?"

: )

It's airstream weather...

Seth said...

Such a wonderful digital creation and a clever story line to go with it. Love the floor made of hands.