Birthday Wishes

For my dearest friend, Konni.

I wish we were together today -- - preferably in Paris.

I wish we could shop for all the delights and
amusements that tickled our fancy.

I wish that we could sit together in a private room
at Laduree and eat every bit of the towering Chocolate Macaron Cake
and not feel an ounce of guilt.

Since none of those wishes are likely to happen today -

I'll simply wish for ALL your DREAMS to come true.
(and very quickly ..... . . . before either of us get any older! )


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

A. Happy Birthday to your friend!

B. Are you the brunette or the blond?

C. I have never had the Towering Chocolate Macaroon cake at Ladurée's ... but will definitely be having some the next time we make the journey.

D. Marvelous collage - is it digital or did you arrange all those images and photograph them?

E. You are a good friend - those are terrific "wishes!"

Yoli said...

How sweet, happy birthday to your friend!

vicki archer said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely friend....xv

sinnlighet said...

Congrats to your friend, I love this post as usual!!


Chrisy said...

Hello my darling Miss JJ...I wonder if you realise how precious you are...

...thought not...now go to the nearest mirror...look yourself in the eye and say..."I love you....I really really love you"....go on....now missie!

Carla said...

HI Judith, I will have a macaroon today for you in Paris!! Nothing better than a best buddy and a day at Laduree. love Carla

Ingrid Mida said...

May both your wishes come true!

My Castle in Spain said...

Happy birthday to your dear friend and may this chocolate macaron tower materialize in some way!

Kitty Shepherd said...

Happy belated birthday to your friend. It was my friends birthday on May 26th too, we were both 50 (!!!!!!) on that day, she is 6 hours older than me and our lives are totally different but we always come together on the 26th somehow and we have been friends since we were 5.
I have been away in England celebrating with a huge party, back in Granada after the road trip of a lifetime on the Harley D Road King! Pictures soon.