Stanford Visits Sarasota :: circa 1941

Stanford had long heard of the Sunday beach picnics of
the Sarasota Birdwatcher Society .. . .
he hesitated as he stepped up to introduce himself -
wondered if they would welcome him . . .

** Still not officially back in bloglandia - RealLife continues
to interrupt - but, Stanford insisted on dropping
by for a quick hug & hello . .. . . .

Vintage photo: Shorpy
Digital art : moi


Wishes vs. Reality :: Necker Island

I wish that I could stumble back to bloglandia with an apology for being
noticeably absent because I was kidnapped and swept away to a remote
private island . . . where I was forced to spend my days in a dreamy hammock
overlooking a shimmering pool, overlooking a shimmering ocean .... . .
whilst being served endless margaritas by an ever attentive staff -

and frolicking in that shimmering pool until it was time for my daily massage
in a small pavilion on the beach.
Alas, it's a lovely dream ... . . but, not a reality.
Best to say - Real Life swept in and took over Blog Life.
No posts, no visits to catch up with each of you .

Stanford and I haven't forgotten about you or our promise to
continue his travels to your mailboxes . His journey has simply
been a bit delayed.

Hugs to all of you who left thoughtful notes -
I hope your weekend will be .. . . dreamy.

Some of you may recognize these photos of
Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island,
in the British Virgin Islands.

Haven't been there ? You simply must put it on
your travel list of places to swim/lounge/play before you die.
I love the fact that it has a main house and additional
small beach side cottages.
Bring a few friends and
everyone gets a bit of privacy.

Click HERE to take the tour.


Crossdressing Kings ??

I've long been fascinated by the central image in the collage above.
You probably recognize it as cousins King Albert and Czar Nicholas -
Isn't the resemblance striking ? More like brothers, than first cousins.

The photo was done in Berlin in 1913, just a few years before
The Last Czar would find himself on the cusp of a revolution and
turn to Albert in a plea for asylum in England.
Albert knew his country to be in a rather anti-Russian /German frenzy
and, fearing public opinion, denied this request.
Opps .. . . wrong choice, Al.

Guess we all know what happened to Nicky and his family . ..
that dreadful end in the basement in Yekaterinburg.

My collage above speaks of the fact that the clock was ticking and
there were but a few steps between this chummy ( yet ever so formal)
family portrait and the revolution which culminated with the tragic
deaths of the beautiful Romanov family in 1918.

Recent history:
I stumbled across a story which fills in some other details about the
photo . It would seem that the cousins decided to exchange formal
regalia for the portrait. Nicky, on the left, actually has on Albert's
dress uniform and Albert is wearing Nicky's !! !!

Can this be true ? Were they actually "Cross Dressing Kings"
having a bit of fun ?? !!

Though I've read several accounts of this meeting -
only one mentions this little tidbit.

Actually, I find it too funny to be true. Literally.
Do let me know if you have any further info on this ... . .

Digital Collage by me.
Top photo - Crossdressing Kings
Bottom photo - Albert & Nicky Play Dress Up


Ingrid's Stage

If you don't know Ingrid Mida .. . . you really should.

I've learned so much from her lovely blog - Fashion Is My Muse.
She's fascinated with the history of fashion and you never know
what insightful tidbit she'll be studying and sharing. Her remarkable
art is also featured as a never ending stream of inspiration.

This digital collage features some of her favorite themes:
17th century shoes, a mannequin and what appears to be
a beautifully detailed dress. Look closely ( i.e. view large)
and you'll see the dress is really a suit of armor.

I've called this piece Ingrid's Stage . .. . . and dedicated it
to her, because I feel this is the world in which she is
quite the leading lady . . .

because she occasionally needs a reminder to take a bow.


Who Shall We Invite to Tea ?

Tired of the same old blah-blah with the same old friends ?
Let's shake it up and invite a few new friends for tea .
Karl or Donatella might be amusing for a bit of insider fashion news.
How about a bit of old Hollywood gossip with Audrey & Humphrey?
Then again, a dive into the intrigues of the Swedish Royal family might
be enlightening ... . .

So many enchanting options -
I can't wait to hear who you choose !!

Tea time amusements from Donkey Products
via Trendland.