Gertrude Reflects

Cecil Beaton often photographed the elegant and the glamorous
whilst gazing over a shoulder into a mirror. There seems to be an
indication that their beauty was simply too much for a single
image ... . . or was it an acknowledgment that we should all
take a moment to reflect occasionally ?

Whatever the intention -
He seems to have captured Gertrude Lawrence
in a reflective questioning moment.

My simple answer to that question.
Yes, Gertrude, you look divine.

Digital collage by me.


Quotes of Note :: Balance

Let's hear it for Thomas Merton .. . . who noted :

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity
but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

Digital Collage by me.


The Remarkable Ruth ... .

.. . that would be Ruth St. Denis. I've written about her inspirational
life and pioneering dance company , Denishawn, in previous posts.
Do take a look here to find out more about this exotic beauty.

Digital Collage by me.


A Summer to Remember

Ralph & Frieda would never forget the special summer
they ran away with the circus ... . ..


Digital Collage by me


When Elegance Included .. . A Cigarette

CB :: Constance Bennett - 1931

Digital Collage by me