Suspended Hearts

Rip/Rap  Ball ... ..   .....   the ripped muslin was reused from a sculptural backdrop which lived in my living room for several years.  When I took it down, I wrapped and coiled it into some marvelous balls ... . then took them apart and started ripping them into strips.  It was great fun wrapping these balls and the backgrounds for the other pieces :  I found the repetitive motion to be a bit like knitting.  We'll see what else comes of my little Christo Rip and Wrap  ..... ...... ....

Ruffled Russian Series / altered playing card

Detail of an assemblage: the central image is an altered card from an old Russian deck - this was layered and quilted with tulle and tucked in the ripped muslin ( which had been recycled from another sculpture) The charm beneath the tulle is a vintage goddess charm.