Hot Off the Press - The Altered Slippers

Here's a first peek at my article on the little ballet slippers in Somerset's Altered Couture II
. I think they did a great job with the design and layout (red / black / silver is always a fav! )

Altered Playing Card : Wrap Series

Still having fun with this layered chalk / gesso technique on this deck of Frida playing cards -
most will go to Martine's altered playing card swap in Belgium.


Six Up

Part of the journal series , which incorporates a new layering technique with vintage
sheet music and phone book pages over a playing card ... .. .


Queen of K I M

A gift for my friend (and sister in law ... ), Kim.


Face Off

With thanks to dear miss RuthRae for her inspiration (and instructions!) for her little pillow charms.... .

Simplicity .. .. . Embellished

After two days of total immersion at the Getty Center and the Getty Villa .. . this sculpture
was, by far, my favorite. I adore the absolute elemental simplicity of it. There's a part of me
that feels gulity for creating my embellished version! But, I do so love textural contrast and
taking an object and playing with it to see it in a new context .. . . (this card went to Yvonne in
Mexico City )