I Need to Recline

On the third day of an endless Cough/Sneeze Cold Marathon,
I have decided to be very Specific about what might possibly help
to pull me out of this Momentary Misery. Not just a random
"Please Send Sunshine & Warmth."

I'll need a chaise ... .
beside a sparkling pool ... .
and a small bell to summon the butler
to bring a tray of cool lemonade, fresh strawberries,
madelines, and Laduree Macarons.

I'll need complete privacy .. .. .
so I won't have to Fear the Greatest Fear:
anyone seeing my thighs.
(alas, the result of too many madelines & macarons )

I'll need trees and large umbrellas .. .
because sunshine is better when we can
retreat to a shady spot.

I'll need some ancient castle ruins along one side
of the pool to provide a bit of crumbling drama.

Yes - that should do very nicely.
On second thought ... . .
I might consider forgoing a bit of privacy
if a few friends care to join me.

Anyone else needing a bit of R & R ???
( Ruins & Reclining )

[to see the full crumbling decadence of those walls
click on the photo to view LARGE]

To take a tour of the rest of the house and gardens - or make a
reservation to stay in this
enchanted garden - go HERE.


A Few Twigs :: A Few Flowers

Twig Power.
Flower Power.

Never underestimate them ... . . especially in subtle creamy rooms.
I've long been a fan of the rather old fashioned tradition of room decor
which changes with the seasons. Call in the linen slips / toss out velvet.

In the heat of summer, I seek a very different environment than the
one which comforts me as I curl up by a winter fire.

I'm ready for my summer leap .. . . to that spareness punctuated by
a vase of twigs or simple white lillies. My reality was a weekend of snow.
No french doors thrown open to bring in the bird songs and vibrant green
of the lawn. An evening fire crackling in the fireplace is always a treat ...
but, I'm just ready to move on!

Patience was never my greatest virtue.

These photos serve a dual purpose . . . they allow me to rush my season
a bit by remembering past springs and past sprigs & twigs ... . . and
they allow me to fulfill the request of Miss Cote de Texas " to show us
more pics of your house!"

Yes, mam.
More to come .. .. .

[click on each photo to see the twiggy details LARGE]

All photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Treena Borzoi Changes Her Plans

There had been other plans for this day.
They included a bit of spring cleanup and perhaps even getting
some flowers potted. The Big White Borzoi and I tiptoed out into the
Big White Snow and agreed we'd both need to change our plans.

I chose a book and my chaise.
She chose a bone and her chaise.

Enjoy your weekend !

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Quote of Note :: Sanity / Insanity

Found on my desk - two quotes on the same subject : Sanity.

The one above is a sculpture from a clients' home.
The image was just a quick snapshot because I found the sentiment to be
fascinating .. . .
along with the added effect of the shadow created by the lighting.
I've no idea as to the source of the quote.
[click on image to view LARGE ]

The second commentary on the subject came from a
footnote on a recent email :

"Sometimes the appropriate response to reality
is to go insane."

(Philip K. Dick - science fiction writer)

I've long joked that the only real difference between being labeled
Crazy or Eccentric is the size of your bank account ... . .
and that I long to graduate to - Eccentricity !

Alas, we live in interesting times. So many labels & definitions are
being tossed out and redefined . Though it often makes for quite a
rocky roller coaster ride, it's certainly not boring .

photo copyright Judith Thibaut


Couture Cupcakes :: Edible Art

Surprise . . . ... Surprise!

You've arrived just in time for the party .. . ..
it's my birthday, but it's YOUR Surprise Party !
And the surprise is that YOU get the gift . Not just any gift , the PerfectGift.
Since we all love fabulous purses and d'lish cupcakes -
The PerfectGift would be .. .. . Purse Cupcakes !!! ! !

As you can see, the table is set with a different treat at each place .. . .. there's a
special purse for each of my dear friends who have dropped by today. Take a closer look
by clicking on each photo to see the details of the purse you've chosen.

Are you a classic Chanel tote kind of girl or is the green Ferragamo Capra Vernice Satchel calling your name? I 'm always a big fan of black / white / pink , so when I found two zippy Zebras' -- -
I couldn't resist.
Don't be shy ... . these babies must taste as good as they look :
Yummy Couture!

Before we dig in, let's take a moment to thank the artist who created these remarkable
sculptures : Amy Eilert of www.CupcakeEnvy.com .
Applause - Applause.

Now, don't wait a moment more.


Official Sign of Spring

They're back !
It's nesting time.

Every spring my little house finches scout out the best places
on my porch .. . . and inevitably choose the top of one
of the light fixtures.
For days they fly about and chirpily discuss the attributes of
the various locations. Today they started the process of
bringing in the twigs and string and (their favorite ingredient)
random bits of silky white dog fur.

And the winner is : The light near the porch swing !


This is more excitement than I can bear.
I simply must recline on the chaise with a
lemonade and a cranberry almond scone.

Here's to a thrilling weekend at your house .. . . .

photo copyright Judith Thibaut

The Awards Basket Overflows

The past few weeks have been very good, indeed. On several occasions I've opened the mail to find the most delightful little awards bestowed by several of my favorite blog friends.
Like the little girl with a basket full of treasured Easter Eggs, I carefully stowed them in my basket ... .
which is now overflowing with goodies to be acknowledged.

Merci - Madame Toma at The Antiques Diva !

Merci - Madame Ingrid at Fashion Is My Muse !

Merci - Madame Gina at Purdy Wallcovering !


What could be more precious than acknowledgment and appreciation
from one's friends.
As a rather new member of this community .. .. . I am especially honored.


Is That .. An Inflatable Moose ?

... .. . but, of course.

And, yes, he's wearing a vintage silk Top Hat .

We bring him out & blow him up for special occasions.
At Christmas, he'll often sport a sprig of holly tucked in the hat.

Now, that's a Moose with attitude.


Top It Off

It will come as no surprise . .. . . that a girl who loves hats enough to
plaster her walls with them, also has a history of including images
of hats in her art.
Long a fan of the remarkably talented Philip Treacy and his muse,
the eternally divine Isabella Blow, photos of their work together
have often been the basis of my mixed media moments.

Ingrid, at Fashion Is My Muse, is having another Mad Hatters' Tea Party today.
Do stop by and see what a few fellow HatFans have created.

Is it spring in your world??
Is it warm enough for a stroll ... . . in a divine hat ?

Have a lovely weekend ... . .

Photos / art copyright Judith Thibaut


Le Petite Museum de Chapeau

The Little Hat Museum had lived in her powder room for several years,
but there were few photos until today.

She stood with one foot on the toilet and braced the other on the edge of the tub, while the large white Borzoi tried to make room on the very limited floor to lie down. More than once she wished to borrow one of Tara's "real" cameras. The little point and shoot had its limitations.
She noticed the ribbons on the tiny Victorian hats needed dusting. These three treasures were found in a New Hampshire antique shop . It had been explained that all belonged to the same, obviously small, lady. There had never been a thought to purchase only one. They would remain together as long as they were on her watch. Twenty years later, they have lived in at least a dozen houses.

She saved her Most Worn / Most Traveled / Most Favorite for last. The wide brimmed Kaminski on the right has shielded her skin from the sun while :

- Paddling a canoe down the Mopan River in Belize
- Sipping tea beside the rose lined clay tennis courts in Monte Carlo
- Strolling the grounds of the Getty Museum in Malibu
- Picnicing with her children, grandchildren & mother at parents weekend in Hunt, Texas
- Sailing around the remote Los Roques Islands - off the coast of Venezuela
- Walking that large white Borzoi around the neighborhood

Her husband looks at the shabby frayed edges and begs her to get a new hat.
Is he crazy ??

That hat is just like me.
A bit frayed -
but, just getting good ... . . with many miles left.

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


The Petite Hat Museum

Her history of clothing purchases, which she never intended to wear, were not
limited to shoes. There was also the issue of ... . . hats.

For years they stacked up in her closet, until she decided to take action and pay
them the respect they deserved. Surely there must be an odd small museum
which might appreciate them. They were , after all, a testament to a moment
of time ... .. a history of dress & style which encompassed over 100 years.
They had found their way to her life from flea markets and via fancy hat boxes
from fancy stores around the world.

In retrospect, they were really her own personal history. Each one had a story
and more than a few memories. Sending them away was out of the question.

Perhaps she should just start her own museum.

It would be called "The World's Smallest Hat Museum" ... . ..
and it would be located in the powder room off her living room.
A very private room off the most public room in her very private house.

The hats would be displayed on the walls - around the mirrors, above the toilet,
beside the sink. Fortunately, the very small room had a very high ceiling .... .
and the hats would have room to wander to great heights.
Additionally , there would be a rather dizzying multiplication factor with
the reflections from the mirrors.

Upon being directed to the powder room, guests generally
exited with grins and giggles. Now they were quite sure she was
more than a bit different .. . .. but, probably harmless.


A perky hat with a red feather (circa 1994 : Barney's NY) lives beneath
an elegant wide brimmed garden hat
( circa 1952: Flea Market/ Sarasota, Florida) with a luscious sculpted rose.

photo copyright Judith Thibaut


Gold Silk Roses Adorn Her Crown

Signs of Spring. Alas, they were everywhere .. . . but few had yet appeared in her world.
No blossoms on her trees. In her world, she awoke to trees covered in spring snow.

Her calendar declared it to be March and reminded her that Easter was approaching.
Oh my.
We know what Easter means : Hats !

She had also been recently reminded of hats by Ingrid at Fashion Is My Muse. Ingrid and Tristan had the brilliant idea to focus not only on hats .. .. . but to have Mad Hatter Tea Parties this month. She even provided a template for origami hats, so that everyone could have fun making paper hats.

Hats + Paper Folding = Great Fun
Though the above hat isn't paper, it is one of my all time favs from my admittedly
rather extensive personal collection . Gold woven straw, with gold tulle and gold roses.

More to come .. . .


She Had No Intention of Walking Around in Them

She had a long history of purchasing shoes which would never see pavement. Often they occupied a coveted place on the shelf in the closet, as if to give her a private wink as she reached for the dusty, comfy , army of foot soldiers who accompanied her on the rounds of her Real Life.

There were a few who lived on the pedestals usually reserved for sculpture in the more public areas of her very private house. Her friends would often give a nervous giggle and roll their eyes as she smiled and gave no explanation.

She knew they would later offer up these observations as proof .. .. . that she was , well, a bit different.


These babies deserve a major pedestal .. . . in a Major Museum.
Bravo Nicolas Kirkwood!


Not As Nature Intended

An entire family of Topiary Elephants ?!!
These grand garden creatures are a true testament to more than a bit of time, talent and pure whimsical folly. It's tempting to place myself in one of upper windows of that rather staid and solid house and imagine crawling out of bed and gazing down upon this leafy green group every morning.

A guaranteed smile.

If this property is on the market ... . do let me know.

I'd buy it, just to be able to add this line to my obituary :
"She had a family of life size Topiary Elephants in her garden." That would just about say it all .

[would love to give a photo credit - but haven't a clue where I found this moment of whimsy]