Official Sign of Spring

They're back !
It's nesting time.

Every spring my little house finches scout out the best places
on my porch .. . . and inevitably choose the top of one
of the light fixtures.
For days they fly about and chirpily discuss the attributes of
the various locations. Today they started the process of
bringing in the twigs and string and (their favorite ingredient)
random bits of silky white dog fur.

And the winner is : The light near the porch swing !


This is more excitement than I can bear.
I simply must recline on the chaise with a
lemonade and a cranberry almond scone.

Here's to a thrilling weekend at your house .. . . .

photo copyright Judith Thibaut


gina said...

Beautiful nest. I love the color of the eggs. I posted my pencil drawing on my other blog you will have to come by and see it.
(k and g book club)
I am so happy for you that your award basket is overflowing you deserve it you are a great inspiration.
xo gina

Chrisy said...

so nice to read ur thoughts as u watch this little spring tableau...hope there's some cream on that scone...

Patricia Gray said...

Thanks for the listing my Blog on your sidebar. Could you please reinsert this link and it should update with my current posts.



paris parfait said...

I commented on your Flickr acct. about how much I like this creation!

Paula Scott said...

Those scones sound so yummy! So is the nesting image! Yes, while we were up in the wilderness area earlier this week, everywhere we went we were graced with the songs and activities of all the birds.

Leau said...

How smart they are to choose your light! Great stuff sugar. smooches

Ingrid Mida said...

I love robin's egg blue. It is my favourite colour. Thanks for a hint of spring. Hope you had a nice weekend!

willow said...

Those little finches can make such a racket! We have some, too! Happy Spring!