Passing Notes

Thoughtful gestures are always treasured .. . . but, never more so than when
one mourns the loss of a loved one. This past week was filled with moments
both sorrowful and sweet.

Nurturing food, beautiful flowers - gestures of kindness around every corner.
Each one noted and inscribed indelibly on so many hearts.

Know that all of your kind comments were so very appreciated.
I'm back in my world and just starting to catch up ... .
a "proper post" will come along soon.
Notes on Today's Images :
These photos are from my own snapshots of notes
sent to Robert Altman's family after his death. His daughter
(my dearest friend) and I sat on the floor of his closet reading stacks of
cards - all so beautiful in their personal remembrances.

The images above are portions of the sweet note from another
film legend .. . now gone .

Photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Farewell Dear Friend

I'm sailing away this week ... . .
An unexpected journey to say good bye to a dear friend.

Funerals often have me thinking of Oscar Wilde,
who checked into my favorite little hotel in Paris
( L'Hotel) and declared:
"I choose to die beyond my means."

My friend clearly didn't make the same choice ... .
but he, too, lived with grace, elegance and wit -
especially when life presented him with
difficulties and challenges.

Altered vintage photo copyright Judith Thibaut


Changing Viewpoints

Have you ever noticed that life seems to start out rather simple
and progresses to more intricate layers?

The core of who we are remains the same.
Some days the layers just seem to overwhelm and obscure that core.

Some days I feel I need to simplify .
Others, I revel in the fact that I'm a W I P.

May this weekend be a recognition of the Perfect
Work In Progress that is you ... . .
[ As always, click on each image to see the
details of these W I P 's]

Mixed Media Art / Photography copyright Judith Thibaut


Refreshing Eccentricity

Before Bloglandia ... . . there was flickr.
I'm still a great fan of this little piece of Internet Land ... . but, not
nearly as active as in times past. While checking in this morning,
I came across an old friend via his recent pictorial posts.
It was a delight to glimpse the world of "Monocle," once again.
I consider him to be my official British Eccentric.

I especially loved the top photo of his local gentleman's haberdashery .
But for the electric lamp, this image could have come from a
far distant time.

What a delight to know there are a few small corners of the world
where time stands still.

Well, relatively still.

The computer screen behind "Monocle" and his pet ( ??? !) speaks
of a bit of Time Travel ... . . and the reality of melding Past & Present.

A tip of my Pith Helmet to you, sir .


Great Fun in the Great Depression

Don't remember the Great Depression??
Neither do I ... . but I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I consider Busby Berkeley to be the King of Outrageous Musicals,
and find them to be especially relevant in "these times."
Gotta love a guy who decides that a bit of total escapism was
just the tonic for a country in dire financial straights.
Gold Diggers of 1933 featured Busby's classic gobs glamorous gals and
dressed them in dripping golden coins while singing
"We're in The Money!" Our leading lady ... Ginger Rogers .. .
first sang in English , then followed up with a Pig Latin version (!!!)

Treat yourself to a true Blast from The Past :
see the original movie trailer - HERE .
Then, see the original movie clip of The Dance of the Dollars - HERE.

It's truly ... . .. . Priceless.

Altered Photos and Mixed Media copyright Judith Thibaut