Airstream Glamping :: Route 66

What could be more perfect than an All American trip to the Wild West on Route 66 - - - in a small silver Airstream  ?
It's especially fun when you're traveling in a Design Icon of the 20th Century. Yes, that's the designation given Airstreams by the Museum of Modern Art.
Even though the refrigerator is stocked with all your personal favorites ( fresh organic free range everything) and the flat screen TV / sound system are stocked with Mozart, Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers and Abba -- you'll want to make a stop at the Snow Cap Drive In, in Seligman, Arizona. It is, after all, a historical time capsule, circa 1953, and they really know how to grill a burger and fries!
Though it's still winter in most of the country, it's always warm in our destination -- the Mojave Desert. It's great being in such a vast expanse of wilderness, but you won't be suffering from a lack of small luxuries. In addition to the aforementioned music and movies, know that there are Pratesi sheets on your bed, dupioni silk pillows to cradle your head and a french press for your freshly ground coffee. Your shower is stocked with hand milled soap from Provence and there are a stack of crisp ironed linen napkins for your breakfast tray.

The term for this road trip : GLAMPING

Camping? Yes.
Roughing it? Not at all !!
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All Photos by Judith Thibaut


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I've always wanted to do Route 66 in an Airstream - honestly! And I love traveling the highways and eating at Truck stops - some great diners out there. (So American.) And Marfa is a place I've wanted to vistit too. Looking forward to seeing your next post.

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Such a true slice of Americana, indeed. I hope the Marfa post will give you a little nudge to do your own roadtrip to far south Texas .

Paloma said...

Who knew an airstream could be so chic?

paris parfait said...

Well that is a very glammed-up Airstream! Looks and sounds like fun!

Paula Scott said...

Ahhhhh!! Vicarious thrills via Judith and Mr. T's travels via the much coveted Airstream!
I may have told you that I fantasize about doing this exact same thing; traveling about in an Airstream with my guy. Glamping! I love it!

JM said...

This is something I've never done! But I would like to try it, especially travelling through such a place like the Mojave Desert.

Jeb said...

Great set up!