Airstream Oasis

The luxury of time and space can never be overrated. Though the space within the little silver bullet is compact, the access to a variety of different environments is endless. Just head down the road to experience another world. Instant change. Well, it may actually take a few hours or a few days ... . . but each fork in the road offers another adventure.
Pulling in to a shady grove of trees beside a river is a welcome oasis after the vast open desert. The electric scooters are the perfect means for exploring the rock walled canyon down a dusty road. Though the little black and white rug was intended for use in the "pits" at car races, it always makes me giggle to find it's at home in so many varied locales. Guess I also love it because it's a small nod to Madame Dorothy Draper.

Setting up camp includes setting out the traditional Trailer Trash pet - Pink Flamingos.
[click on the pic for a larger view of those plastic babies]
We're still quite a ways down the road from Marfa ... .
never underestimate the size of Texas -
it just goes on . ... and on ... and on.

Photos by Judith Thibaut


Courtney said...

Ok, sign me up. An Airstream (with a gorgeous interior, luxury bedding, and a french press!) + Marfa, Texas... that sounds like a dream!

I've never been to Marfa, but it is definitely one on my list, and I'd love to travel in (and own!) an Airstream. I can't wait to see the rest of this trip!!

Thanks too for visiting and commenting on my blog. xx

paris parfait said...

Ha ha - the flamingos! Haven't visited Marfa - do take lots of photos, please. And hope you're enjoying every minute of your journey!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

It's such fun to know there are others out in bloglandia who appreciate my silly mix of Upscale Trailer Trash .. .
Thanks Tara & Courtney!

vicki archer said...

I LOVE it - this trailer/airstream is sensational. Have fun, xv.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I've been waiting for this! What a blast! That trailer is a trip. Is it yours? So chic. Had any good Chicken Fried Steaks along the way? Y'all be careful out there - watch out for them thar rattler snakes. Marfa or bust!

Gina said...

Wow, what a stunning place!
I am trying on this:

Gina from Germany

Lauren said...

We've heard Marfa is a place to see, excited to hear more about your visit! We're currently outside of Austin in our Airstream. www.youngairstreamers.com. Maybe we'll cross paths!

Leau said...

So does gravy (fat puddin') turn into Bechemel in that fancy schamancy tin can? Love the birds and the black and white. You have that touch sugar, love the opportunity to join in the journey. smooches

PS The word verification is dambo... a lady rambo? damn that rainbow? perfect for glamping,eh?

JM said...

The silver trailer looks fantastic! And the kitsch pink flamingos are so cool! :-)

Amy said...

your right!!!It just goes on and on and on!!!!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Oh, she's gorgeous Judith! And the pink flamingos... Perfect! : D
Thanks for visiting me and thanks so very much for the link.