Our Lady of Trader Joe's

... .. .. yes, those wings are made from ripped and stitched Trader Joe's bags :-))


Altered Joy

This piece incorporates an image from The Lost Joy - which I photographed and layered over a book page from a 1907 book on Mechanical Devices ( yes, that would make it One Hundred Years Old .. .. . ) The entire assemblage is based on an acrylic glazed canvas. ( 5" x 7")


Madame Leonardo's New Hat

Mixed Media: 11" x 6"

Cease to Be Fearful - detail

Mixed Media: 13" x 6"
The vintage music  came from an old hymnal   -  each pleat of her skirt repeats the
phrase "cease to be fearful."


Suspended Hearts

Rip/Rap  Ball ... ..   .....   the ripped muslin was reused from a sculptural backdrop which lived in my living room for several years.  When I took it down, I wrapped and coiled it into some marvelous balls ... . then took them apart and started ripping them into strips.  It was great fun wrapping these balls and the backgrounds for the other pieces :  I found the repetitive motion to be a bit like knitting.  We'll see what else comes of my little Christo Rip and Wrap  ..... ...... ....

Ruffled Russian Series / altered playing card

Detail of an assemblage: the central image is an altered card from an old Russian deck - this was layered and quilted with tulle and tucked in the ripped muslin ( which had been recycled from another sculpture) The charm beneath the tulle is a vintage goddess charm.  


Functional Dictation - I

Assemblage: Vintage pages from dictation book machine quilted and layered with fabric and
ripped paper bag - wrapped with twine over glazed acrylic canvas.

Functional Dictation - II

Assemblage: vintage book pages machine quilted with fabric over acrylic glazed canvas
wrapped with twine. .. .. view large to see wire coiled detail.


Pierrot Etonne

Not really a clown fan .. . . just found this image of a rather amazed Pierrot and found
him enchanting.


Masked Seven

I've done a series of these - they incorporate some of my very favorite elements: black (of course!), gold, tulle, muslin, vintage sheet music, wire and those delightful little dominos.


Frayed Glory ( a work in progress)

Phrenology ... . Expanded & Pierced

This piece started out as a "simple" Artist Trading Card: then it seemed to take on a life of it's own and became a four panel folding card with multiple phrenology images, mohawks and pierced noses ... . . which all wrap together with the attached ribbon. ( Made for Elaine in the great northern woods of Canada .. .)


Queen Elizabeth I - Portrait Group

Indeed, I am having a major Tudor Moment ... . . most recently, Henry and his assemblage of wives and now the Queen-With-The-Wardrobe-I-Most-Covet: Liz One. It's so interesting to see her progression from relatively simple young queen ( lower left coronation portrait) to
tres decked out with those incredible pearls and froufy collars. Truly the roots of Foofaraw .....
..... .. . .


"Wives of Henry VIII" - Six Panel folding mixed media ATC

This piece was traded with Rob in Mansfield, England for his group of Henry's
six wives ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/thornycourt/485532832/). My interest in these ladies was initiated by Riet van Piet's beautiful group (http://www.flickr.com/photos/riet/sets/72157594469180726/).Riet is from the Netherlands and does incredible embroidery and beadwork. Each of these groups are such unique interpretations of a single theme !

Detail of 6 panel "Wives of Henry VIII"


Ruffled Russians - III

Russian Series

Three altered Russian playing cards - layered with silver paper and tulle, machine quilted
to black cardstock. (each piece is 3.5" x 2.5 ")


Making Marks

I rather like the effect of the marks ... . which appear to have been captured on chalkboard -


Packet of "Moo" Cards

This little set of cards are going to London ... . .it seems the people at MOO have seen some of my altered cards and requested I send some of my work for them to display in their offices.
(Would that be Moo Corporate Headquarters??)


Hot Off the Press - The Altered Slippers

Here's a first peek at my article on the little ballet slippers in Somerset's Altered Couture II
. I think they did a great job with the design and layout (red / black / silver is always a fav! )

Altered Playing Card : Wrap Series

Still having fun with this layered chalk / gesso technique on this deck of Frida playing cards -
most will go to Martine's altered playing card swap in Belgium.


Six Up

Part of the journal series , which incorporates a new layering technique with vintage
sheet music and phone book pages over a playing card ... .. .


Queen of K I M

A gift for my friend (and sister in law ... ), Kim.


Face Off

With thanks to dear miss RuthRae for her inspiration (and instructions!) for her little pillow charms.... .

Simplicity .. .. . Embellished

After two days of total immersion at the Getty Center and the Getty Villa .. . this sculpture
was, by far, my favorite. I adore the absolute elemental simplicity of it. There's a part of me
that feels gulity for creating my embellished version! But, I do so love textural contrast and
taking an object and playing with it to see it in a new context .. . . (this card went to Yvonne in
Mexico City )



Mixed Media assemblage: fabric, paper, twine, & photo quilted over cardstock


This is a group of a dozen "MOO Minicards" ( all photos of my original Art Cards ) strung together on black leather cording with tulle, ribbon and silver charms.


Puzzle Over Puzzle

Gold puzzle piece wrapped with wire and layered over silver paper, red felt, photo of calligraphy and another gold puzzle: multiple layers of fabric and paper quilted to cardstock.

Notes Under Glass

Layers of glass, fabric, paper .. .. . wrapped with wire and ripped muslin