Refreshing Eccentricity

Before Bloglandia ... . . there was flickr.
I'm still a great fan of this little piece of Internet Land ... . but, not
nearly as active as in times past. While checking in this morning,
I came across an old friend via his recent pictorial posts.
It was a delight to glimpse the world of "Monocle," once again.
I consider him to be my official British Eccentric.

I especially loved the top photo of his local gentleman's haberdashery .
But for the electric lamp, this image could have come from a
far distant time.

What a delight to know there are a few small corners of the world
where time stands still.

Well, relatively still.

The computer screen behind "Monocle" and his pet ( ??? !) speaks
of a bit of Time Travel ... . . and the reality of melding Past & Present.

A tip of my Pith Helmet to you, sir .


paris parfait said...

Nice to see that the essence of some things remain, no matter how much time has gone by... xo

Leau said...

You find the best stuff! Love the long ago look. smooches

Chrisy said...

Heading over to check him out...I like a good eccentric!...he does look familiar...think I might have gone out with his twin!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

OH! I want to shop there!

There are wonderful shops on the side streets in Paris that are like entering a bygone era. I love them.

Now I have to check out your friend's site. I am enchanted with a good eccentric!

Hope you're enjoying the summer!

gina said...

What is his pet???
Looks a little scared. Great picture will have to check it out.

Ingrid Mida said...

Your friend looks a bit like Dali!

Celeste Maia said...

Your Monocle looks to me like Hercule Poirot, straight out of Agatha Christie. The photograph of the shop is divine, like entering a XIX century book. You do put together such wonderful glimpses into the past. They make me dream in sepia color.

studioJudith said...

I'm thinking his pet is an albino squirrel ... . at first I felt it might be a white rat - then noted the fluffy tale peeking out to the side of the photo.
My question now:
Is he a stuffed pet???
I'll let you know if Monocle stops by to enlighten us on that small issue.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

The world needs more eccentricity.
I was thinking that maybe that was a ferret - although I've never seen a ferret in real life.
Fun post - love the shoppe!

Di Overton said...

I am fascinated but can't find a link :(

Celeste Maia said...

Not a stuffed pet, those eyes look real. For me it is a rat, a clever pink rat.
I agree with A Thousand Clapping Hands, we need more eccentricity as part of what makes life interesting.

studioJudith said...

An update:
Still no word on exactly what that
pet is .. . .
but, Sir Monocle did reply to my
note that - I was thrilled to know that such places still exist in todays

"I am constantly surprised that I
exist in today's world ...."

un mariage au soleil said...

I too definitely agree with Catherine and Celeste...we're in need of eccentricity! uniformity and conformity are so sad at times...
how i love that place in the first pic..
Great post Judith!

Sanity Fair said...

what a great wall of frames! I'm always looking for inspiration for hanging pictures...

Paula Scott said...

Eccentric...all too familiar with that, yes, I am. Eclectic too. Don't they go hand in hand?
The monocle-cool. The squirrel? Creepy.