Le Petite Museum de Chapeau

The Little Hat Museum had lived in her powder room for several years,
but there were few photos until today.

She stood with one foot on the toilet and braced the other on the edge of the tub, while the large white Borzoi tried to make room on the very limited floor to lie down. More than once she wished to borrow one of Tara's "real" cameras. The little point and shoot had its limitations.
She noticed the ribbons on the tiny Victorian hats needed dusting. These three treasures were found in a New Hampshire antique shop . It had been explained that all belonged to the same, obviously small, lady. There had never been a thought to purchase only one. They would remain together as long as they were on her watch. Twenty years later, they have lived in at least a dozen houses.

She saved her Most Worn / Most Traveled / Most Favorite for last. The wide brimmed Kaminski on the right has shielded her skin from the sun while :

- Paddling a canoe down the Mopan River in Belize
- Sipping tea beside the rose lined clay tennis courts in Monte Carlo
- Strolling the grounds of the Getty Museum in Malibu
- Picnicing with her children, grandchildren & mother at parents weekend in Hunt, Texas
- Sailing around the remote Los Roques Islands - off the coast of Venezuela
- Walking that large white Borzoi around the neighborhood

Her husband looks at the shabby frayed edges and begs her to get a new hat.
Is he crazy ??

That hat is just like me.
A bit frayed -
but, just getting good ... . . with many miles left.

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a collection!

I bow to your superiority! ;)

these are fabulous - just be sure to be careful of hot showers - steam will not be kind to the shape of any felted hat!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

If those hats could talk! Love the frayed edges. I have a stack of berets - 14 - in all colors and always grab the same old black one that just feels right. I completely understand!

Paula Scott said...

How BOLD to display them on the walls of a bathroom! I never would've thought of that. Alas...mine are tucked away in hat boxes save for the ones I use the most. I love your collection!
All the stories those hats could tell!

Rekha said...

That's creative, using HATS as a part of the decor...adds personality to the place.

Chrisy said...

...well done with that toilet and bath straddlin to take these museum pics for prosperity!...the victorian ones are just beautiful...and I have a well travelled well worn one very much like yours...

vicki archer said...

Thank you for the pics Judith - The Aussie in me particularly loves the fact that you have been wearing the Helen Kaminski on your travels. xv

paris parfait said...

You must have a window in your bathroom for proper ventilation. Sadly, we do not in our bathroom. I think you've done just fine with your little camera. These hats are fabulous! You're so lucky to have such a diverse collection. As for your favourite, absolutely you should keep wearing it! It's wonderful!

JM said...

Quite a collection indeed! :-)

Ingrid Mida said...

What a fabulous collection. I never would have thought of displaying them in a powder room. I especially adore the Victorian hats.

Di Overton said...

What a fantastic collection. I am green with envy.