I Need to Recline

On the third day of an endless Cough/Sneeze Cold Marathon,
I have decided to be very Specific about what might possibly help
to pull me out of this Momentary Misery. Not just a random
"Please Send Sunshine & Warmth."

I'll need a chaise ... .
beside a sparkling pool ... .
and a small bell to summon the butler
to bring a tray of cool lemonade, fresh strawberries,
madelines, and Laduree Macarons.

I'll need complete privacy .. .. .
so I won't have to Fear the Greatest Fear:
anyone seeing my thighs.
(alas, the result of too many madelines & macarons )

I'll need trees and large umbrellas .. .
because sunshine is better when we can
retreat to a shady spot.

I'll need some ancient castle ruins along one side
of the pool to provide a bit of crumbling drama.

Yes - that should do very nicely.
On second thought ... . .
I might consider forgoing a bit of privacy
if a few friends care to join me.

Anyone else needing a bit of R & R ???
( Ruins & Reclining )

[to see the full crumbling decadence of those walls
click on the photo to view LARGE]

To take a tour of the rest of the house and gardens - or make a
reservation to stay in this
enchanted garden - go HERE.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a gorgeous spot - I could just move into that entrance hall! And, LOL, I must say, I've spent quite a bit of time in Paris, and I've NEVER seen a bathroom that large!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Isn't it dreamy?
I'm a big believer in Dreaming BIG -
why bother wishing for just another
5 star resort (with absolutely NO privacy! ??


Anonymous said...

I would give anything for some R&R right now...sounds amazing.

Ingrid Mida said...

I'm coming with you! But we must order champagne....

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

May all your dreams come true! Hope you're feeling better so that you can enjoy it all...even if only in your dreams!

Chrisy said...

oh honey book me in...have had sinus infection here for last week so...in my dream i'm there with you...we feelin fabulous tho...and we're miraculously ten years younger! Butler...I say butler...could you move the champers ice bucket a little closer please...

vicki archer said...

Definitely make that reservation pronto! xv

Paris Atelier said...

Oh my Dear Wonderfully Named Friend! I hope you feel better soon! Gorgeous post, I think I may need to take a weekend there! Let's meet for champagne!
Get well wishes to you my friend!

willow said...

Wait! I'm coming, too!!

Di Overton said...

Send me all this when you have finished. We do have sunshine at last though :)

Kathleen Botsford said...

Why have I forgotten to visit lately? A hectic life is no excuse. Whatever delights you create soothe and entice me all at once. R & R puts the Four Seasons to shame!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

My,my ... . this is shaping up to be quite the gathering!

Paula Scott said...

Are you still taking reservations??? What an incredible retreat! R & R indeed!