The Importance of Being - Stacked

Stacks start off small .. . . perhaps just a crumpled piece of old
sheet music under a vintage crocodile purse.
At this point, it's still layering.
When multiple books form a pedestal for a pedestal -
you've moved to Serious Stacking.
When the stack of books in the corner reaches four feet tall :
you've reached Olympic proportions!
You are now creating sculpture.
Some of you - dear bloggy friends - are now beginning to recognize the
same elements from previous posts .. .. . always the books, the vintage
luggage, the Louis Ghost , some hats and a few woven baskets.
The simple explanation:
I have a small house / a small life and just a few simple possessions ... . .
which I really love
AND enjoy rearranging (um, stacking ) because it allows me to
change the look and feel of my environment.

I'm not that interested in owning a lot of stuff.
(Been There -Done That)
... . .. just in getting creative with what I have.

This last pic is a classic example:
I needed a high trunk / table at the foot of my rather high bed.
Didn't have on that worked .. . . . so, I made my own.
Two large open weave baskets form the first two layers -
a woven breakfast tray was added, with stacks of vintage leather books -
then came a few more books and
THREE vintage hats ( you've seen them all before: top hat +
pith helmet + straw )


No need to purchase a new table ... ..
Just keep stackin' -


Courtney said...

Ha- I have a number of stacks of books too, and I love your stacking philosophy!

Ingrid Mida said...

I never thought of my piles of books as sculpture material. I've got to get stacking!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

No need to purchase a new table ... ..
Just keep stackin' -
you crack me up

I think one needs the eye to stack as well as you do. If I were to stack my things as you have, it wouldn't look like sculpture; it would look as if I were preparing a garage sale. Your things look fab!

Cote de Texas said...

I'm stacked too! hehe
love the collage of the purse and the music sheets and LOVE the table at the end of the bed!!!!

Sanity Fair said...

See, I always thought these were PILES, which were unacceptable when I was growing up. However, I think STACKS must be completely different. And easier to dust! I'm going to give it a try :)
P.S. Love that striped chair in the background of the last pic.

Chrisy said...

I love visiting with you Judith...I feel 'at home' at your place...it's ordered yet beautiful with a peacefulness about it..and I know what you mean about not needing more possessions but just 'playing' with what you have...there are a few 'sculptures' about my place too!

JM said...

Very nice compositions! I especially love how you did it to shoot the croc purse. Very clever!

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, thanks for the inspiration to layer and enjoy the beauty in every day items.

gina said...

very interesting. I don't think I am a stacker around my house. (I read from my kindle) but my "to do" pile is definately stacked and it sometimes gets smaller but it doesn't take long before I am stacking it up again.

paris parfait said...

Stacking is the way to go in small spaces. I'm a stacker too!