Another Place Another Time :: Daisy & Cecil

We last visited one of Cecil Beaton's ever elegant ladies
whilst having a reflective moment moment here.

Today's grand dame, Daisy Fellowes, is captured lounging
on the deck of one of her yachts.

Don't you think the parasol is the perfect punctuation
for her chic ensemble ?

Digital Collage by me


David Toms said...

Daisy Fellowes was one of my idols! You have done her and Cecil justice.

Have a great weekend!

Leau said...

I love not only the parasol but the march of the cameras! you have the best sense of art humor! gonna be at the recycle show on Sunday...any chance you'll be around?

Ingrid Mida said...

I adore Cecil Beaton. And I adore your work.

by land by air by sea said...

oh i am so curious if this is indeed who you say?

years ago in london, pre-internet, i used this image in a collage for my company printed matter london ltd.

i was sued by a madame de montesquieue,( sp?) for two thousand pounds.

i have no idea today with internet, how the french laws of privacy work - for there were very harsh penalties then for using anyone's photo.

how interesting for me to find this all these years later...

the products were banished by the conran shop in paris, which had just opened and made a huge display of my product .

i shall try to find the image and send to you..