Reflections on Fall

Looking back to the near (or far) past and reflecting on where
I've been seems to be an activity of the time between summer
and winter. Remembering other falls,
I've realized it's my favorite time to travel.

These images were all from a recent fall trip to Scotland / England /
Ireland & the Isle of Man. Sailing the quiet coasts of these neighboring
islands was a perfect fall adventure. Plenty of time for exploring, as well
as simply reclining on deck and watching the changing vistas.
Yes, there were many photos of those changing coastal views and
treks down country roads. Not surprising.

What I found surprising , upon editing my photos ... . . was the number
of photographs which focused on literal reflections.
Mirror, windows ... . .. even a large glass trampoline!

I snapped the image of the brilliant polka dot jacket as I exited the shop.
I loved it. I wanted to make it mine ! Alas, it was not to be.
(Those with bodies above a size 6 need not apply)

The only way it would come home with me was through this pic.
I hadn't realized I was in the photo until I enlarged it and
found my hand & bracelet shown in the lower left corner.

The bracelet and the jacket are perfect together.
Both share a bit of whimsy .
And .. . . because of closer inspection of this reflection,
I'm happy to report that we'll always be together.
Notes on the above photos:
Image 1 : the Prestonfield Hotel / Edinburgh, Scotland
Images 2 & 3 : Glasgow - Museum of Modern Art & Armani

Closer inspection of all these photos is suggested -
just click on each image to view LARGE.
*** I'll be taking off for a Fall adventure tomorrow.
See you next week , with a few current reflections.


Ingrid Mida said...

Every post you write has a reflective quality and I always marvel at your creativity and insight. Enjoy your adventure Judith.

Chrisy said...

Pleased you're heading off on an adventure Judith...more beautiful photos to come I'm sure...and I also covet the Armani outfit...

Kitty Shepherd said...

Lovely Judith. Today I looked into a mirror that Anne Bolyn looked into once and I had the stangest feeling. It was at Petworth House in Sussex England. I love original glass in mirrors, I wish I had been allowed to photograph the house.

Paula Scott said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I think fall is the perfect time of year to travel anywhere!
Welcome home!

Paula Scott said...

BTW, Mark and I were watching the tail end of the James Bond movie, Casino Royale yesterday and the last scene of the movie, Bond is recuperating in some heavenly location which I immediately said to Mark, "That's Lake Como!". I know that from your Como dreams post.
Oh, I feel soooo savvy, thanks to you! ; )

oiacaveman said...

love that mirror... love all the shots and I think fall in Europe is the ultimate time to visit... especially round the British isles. I agree with you on jacket... we will need to have a little chat with Mr Armani ;-)

vicki archer said...

Reflections are always so interesting...for those things that we we don't expect to see. xv

Chiara.u said...

Hi Judith! Thanks for visiting my blog so I discovered yours! I like your pics and stories! Scotland was the destination of my honeymoon, 12 years ago. I loved it sooo much, I can't wait to visit it again!
Bye, see you soon.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a lovely reflective message ... have a lovely holiday - I look forward to seeing what you bring back in your camera for us!

Di Overton said...

Don't you dare visit England again without letting me know. Tea and crumpets and a chat?