Blossoms as Sculpture

A single blossom is magic.

A group of blossoms gathered to form a bouquet becomes
a most enchanting sculpture.
I'm loving this group of three. Each container holding a group of the same
leaves or flowers .. .. . the group then becomes a dramatic still life.
This bouquet takes the simplicity of contrasting the scale and form
to perfection. The repetition of the small round berries creates a tension
to allow those glorious lillies to explode.

These beauties have not only taken my breath away . . . ...
they've inspired me to do a
Theme Week: Arrangements of Nature

Stay tuned to see what else Mother Nature has in store .. .. .

[todays' glorious arrangements are from Quentessentially Flowers]


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I love bursts of green like that. I sometimes use just fresh herbs in old bottles on the table. So inexpensive - perfect recession arrangements. I love the way the bouquet in the first photo fits into that unusual vase. Looking forward to your series.

Ingrid Mida said...

WOW!!!! These creations are stunning!

bayou contessa said...

I love the compositions of the flowers, leaves and vases. The green leaves against the white flowers accentuated with the clear vases is fantastic.

Carla said...

Judith, these are so beautiful. Isn't it amazing what clever people can do with flowers. And how extraordinarily creative nature is in the first place. lovely post. I will check out her flowers. Carla

J ..de Santa Fe said...

I'm so happy you're all finding these as stunning as I do ... .. :-))

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous, xv.

Courtney said...

Beautiful. Love love love the first one!

me melodia said...

these are fantastic!
My bff is getting married this year and this is totally up her alley. I must send this to her for the inspiration folder.
Great Blog!