Beautiful Downtown Marfa

Erika has left for Antarctica .. . one of the few places more in the Middle of Nowhere than Marfa. She's a dear friend and the only person I know in this part of wind swept Texas. As a minimalist photographer, she's seeking a vaster sky in which to do time lapse photography of the moon and the melting icebergs. She's a fascinating woman ... . . and a perfect example of the kind of person drawn to this tiny town.

Just update the cars in the postcard above for a current view of downtown . As with so many small towns in Texas, the courthouse remains the center. The Hotel Paisano is still there and still taking guests. James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor are the best know previous guests, having stayed here while filming Giant.

The Pizza Foundation came highly recommended as a dinner destination. Housed in a former gas station at the center of town, its name is a play on the fact this just about everything in Marfa is some type of arts Foundation ( Chinati, Judd ... . ).
The actual dining room is in the old garage area, complete with original multiple layers of peeling paint. Tres West Texas Fresco. Make that ... . Minimalist West Texas Fresco.

There was nothing typical West Texas about the pizza and salad. It would have been more at home in Dallas or Los Angeles. Thin crust with a perfect blend of locally grown organic veggies and delicate prosciutto. There were also some meaty versions for the local cowboys.

I always feel the true test of any town is its' bookstore.
Marfa has an exceptional one.

Next stop:
Alpine -- - A Custom Cowboy Hat While You Wait !


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

It's nice to see that they haven't torn everything down. I know that they love to tear stuff down in the Texas cities, but some of the old western towns, like Marfa, still remain intact. I'll be back to see Alpine!
(Thank you Judith for your touching comment. I think we may have been on line with each other at the same time!)
Happy trails,

paris parfait said...

Fascinating! Thanks for the travelers' update.

Jeb said...

Cool old postcard and very cool and interesting blog

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Oh, this is wonderful! Of coure, I first heard of Marfa because of "Giant" - but then heard so much about the actual town while doing a production of "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean."

I'm surprised that it's so together looking! - in the play they make it sound as if the whole thing has been reduced to rubble and dust!

Great post - love your blog!