Multi Tasking Easter Bonnets

H A T :
A hat is a head covering. It may be worn for
1. protection against the elements
2. safety 3. a fashion accessory . (wikipedia definition)

First image: Hat as Fashion Accessory ( and Major Statement!)

Second Image: Hat as Personal Safety
( A giant rolled table napkin / serviette always helps protect
ones silk suit with all those popping Champagne corks !)

Third Image: Hat as Protection Against the Elements
( raindrops should never touch couture!)

Fourth Image: Hat As Total Body Covering for Safety
( Chain Mail is back -
the streets are full of numerous dangers!)


New York City may have its Easter Parade , but NO ONE does hats
like the Brits. Our first two photos are of Florence Claridge on
Ladies Day at Ascot: she's known for a quarter century of
outrageous hats at that British Bastion of Hat Heaven.

The second two photos are Philip Treacy hats done for
Alexander McQueen ( both Brits, of course).

Here's hoping your Easter is topped off with the perfect
multi tasking fashion accessory ... . and it doesn't rain on your
parade or easter egg hunt !

[thanks to Hello! magazine and Reuters for the glorious photos]


willow said...

Ms. Claridge's hats are maaavelous, daaaaaling! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I had planned my own Easter Bonnet post for Sunday ... but I can never top this one! Those are fantabulistic photos!

Maybe I'll write about (yawn) Easter baskets.

Have a terrific weekend!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Willow -
That Mrs. Claridge is having way too much fun!

Tristan -
In my wildest (and most obtuse) dreams .. . I can not imagine any post of YOURS being a yawn!


vicki archer said...

Love an Easter bonnet - especially such spectacular ones - so true about the English and their hats. xv

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I ADORE your blog...!!!

Love, love love this post + the awesome OTT Ms. Claridge's hats!!!
AHHH, the British (my dad's British) and their hats...!

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving such kind words..:)

Hope you all have a super w/end!!

Karena said...

I remember so well the Easter bonnets my sister and I wore with our matching dresses as a little girl!

Joy Logan said...

Geez I love those hats! Wouldn't it be fun to wear one somewhere on a down day.

My Castle in Spain said...

oh my !!
this pink napkin hat is quite a statement !

Di Overton said...

They are madder than anything I have seen at Ascot :)