Gee .. . That Was Swell

New adventures are always refreshing and invigorating ... .. .
but, there's nothing like coming home.

All that is familiar is suddenly seen with new eyes
and new appreciation.

It's time to .. . . . . exhale.

(And - be VERY grateful for a home to call my own.)


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Hi girlfriend!
I'm taking just a brief moment away from resting my aching feet up on the coffee table to stop and say 'Thank you, very much!'. I hope you had a good trip. I am tired, tired. A vacation is coming soon. Glad you're home safe. I've never seen the Grand Canyon, but must. Will talk to ya later.
Catherine xx

Chrisy said...

Yes it's always nice to come home isn't it...no matter how nice the trip was...

Judy said...

Yep i agree, love coming home too - i guess we are lucky to have a place to call home.

Carla said...

Hi Joanie, dying for a home to call my own. At moment its a mad orange walled apartment in Paris but dreaming of a Greek Island or a Castle in Spain. Carla x

paris parfait said...

Yes, coming home after a lovely time away is always a wonderful thing! xo