Golden Treasures

I must admit .. . . after I finally made myself sit down and come up
with some cutting and stitching and odd little layers
of my odd little stuff - -- - I was pleased with the results.
More than being pleased with what I saw ... .. .
I was pleased with what I felt.

Creating Nourishes the Soul .. .. . and that
just Feels so GOOD.

It's almost as if we each have a special treasure nestled in our hearts .. .
and that treasure is waiting for us to bring it forth.

Only when we do - can we truly exhale.

Plant a flower. . . Knit a sweater. . Paint. . . Stitch . . .Bake cupcakes

Exhale the Treasure within .. .. .... Y O U !

photos and mixed media collage - copyright Judith Thibaut
[click on each photo to view LARGE & see the little details]


Get a Grip::Make Something

I'm feeling scattered ... .. . . a lack of focus.
(Do you ever get that way???)
Lots of ideas - but nothing to show for it.

I shall write myself a prescription:

1. Organize photos and art materials.
2. Sit down in the studio -
cut and glue and stitch and paint,
for at least an hour a day.

Make some art .. . .

I shall return when I can post something which I've
actually C R E A T E D ... . .

hope to see you soon!

[photos copyright Judith Thibaut]
Mixed media collage : Judith Thibaut


Simplicity Reigns at Chelsea

After parades of parties where outrageous hats ruled ... . the judges for the
Best in Show trophy have declared a victory for simplicity. A blend of
contemporary design & old fashion cottage garden blooms ,
designed by Ulf Nordfjell, utilized an understated palette which seemed
to beckon one to enter a quiet retreat and leave a chaotic world behind.

A very appealing invitation, indeed.

[photos courtesy of the Daily Telegraph]


Chelsea Flower Show:: Perfume Garden Girls

Girls in Grand Elizabethan Collars ... . ..
grace the Perfume Garden at the VIP opening at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Love the detail of the collars starting from the very low off-the-shoulder
dress and extending up to encompass the head.
These ladies become as sculptural as those tall clipped evergreens
reaching to heavenly heights.

Or, could they be coyly hiding from the giant phallic symbols?

What else did we find at the opening ?
Outrageous Garden Hats !!

But, of course.

Stay tuned.

[thanks to the Telegraph for this photo]


Elizabeth's Perfume :: Chelsea Flower Show

Take eight grains of musk and put in rose-water eight spoonfuls, three spoonfuls of Damask-water, and a quarter of an ounce of sugar. Boil for five hours and strain it.

This is the original recipe for a perfume created by Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, and the inspiration for the perfume garden created by architect Laurie Chetwood and landscape designer Patrick Collins for this years Chelsea Garden Show in London.

Don't have your tickets yet ? Sadly, neither do I ... .. . but , we can follow the show (which starts with a gala opening, Monday evening) through the excellent coverage at the Telegraph:

Just click here for photos and videos which will allow you to view the preparations and competition.

Here's a rendering of the perfume garden entry, which is designed

"to illustrate the diverse range of plants that are used in the manufacture of perfumes, from the clipped western red cedars, Thuja plicata, to the Sedum rosea, or roseroot, every plant in the garden has a function in the creation of a scent. These include both historic and contemporary varieties that have been used throughout history."

For one with a long history of fascination with Elizabeth 1 ... and especially
her wardrobe ... . I'm enchanted with this garden concept.
They have even included an actual perfumery in the garden, where one can
sample a recreation of the original fragrance.

'Tis true ... . ..
you can tell a lot about a girl from her choice of fragrance.
photo 1 : mixed media collage-The Queen Wore White- by Judith Thibaut
photo 3 : mixed media collage - The Queen Wore Polka Dots - by Judith Thibaut

Both photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Hermes Fun :: Tangrams

Who'd a thunk the Hermes corporate website would be so
Full of FUN ??! It has to be one of the most creative I've ever
stumbled on ... . . truly a delightfully surprising adventure
with every click.
Beyond the main page, you'll be given the option to "visit our online boutique"
or "travel the world of Hermes." Click on the dapper winged angel who will
take you on a dive into the world of Hermes fun.
He'll take you to a page of many little thumbnail images ... .. . each one
is a different adventure. Find the one which says " T A N G R A M"
and you're set to play this ancient Chinese puzzle game by moving the
glorious orange shapes around to form different bits of whimsy.
It was such fun ... .. . I just had to share it with you!
Always wanted a Kelly Bag ?
No problem, next week ... .. .
we'll make our own !! !


The Importance of Being - Stacked

Stacks start off small .. . . perhaps just a crumpled piece of old
sheet music under a vintage crocodile purse.
At this point, it's still layering.
When multiple books form a pedestal for a pedestal -
you've moved to Serious Stacking.
When the stack of books in the corner reaches four feet tall :
you've reached Olympic proportions!
You are now creating sculpture.
Some of you - dear bloggy friends - are now beginning to recognize the
same elements from previous posts .. .. . always the books, the vintage
luggage, the Louis Ghost , some hats and a few woven baskets.
The simple explanation:
I have a small house / a small life and just a few simple possessions ... . .
which I really love
AND enjoy rearranging (um, stacking ) because it allows me to
change the look and feel of my environment.

I'm not that interested in owning a lot of stuff.
(Been There -Done That)
... . .. just in getting creative with what I have.

This last pic is a classic example:
I needed a high trunk / table at the foot of my rather high bed.
Didn't have on that worked .. . . . so, I made my own.
Two large open weave baskets form the first two layers -
a woven breakfast tray was added, with stacks of vintage leather books -
then came a few more books and
THREE vintage hats ( you've seen them all before: top hat +
pith helmet + straw )


No need to purchase a new table ... ..
Just keep stackin' -


Stacked::Hermes Style

Those ever clever folks at Hermes are at again.
The top photo of is from an old catalog ... .. .. which I've kept for
more than a few years. Not because I was hoping to place an
order, simply because:

- I adore stacks of stuff.

- I adore those gorgeous boxes.

- I adore this image , because it's just about the cleverest
stack job I've ever seen.
Since my two favorite objects to stack are
books and vintage luggage - -
You can imagine my delight when I came across this Hermes scarf,
featuring a stack of luggage !

Now they've got me going on a new theme:


Stay tuned for a few of my own personal stacks .
A lot of books .. .. . A few pieces of vintage crocodile luggage.


The Swing in the Ancient Forest

At the end of the long drive stands an enchanting castle in
an ancient forest.
Through the door and up the well worn stairs , your room is waiting .. .
for you to step out of your shoes and toss your city clothes on the chaise ... .. .
before you return to the garden to explore . . ..
past the shaded lounges by the shimmering water .. . .
through the gate in the old stone wall .. . .
to the ancient forest where a swing waits ... . suspended from a sheltering tree.

As you relax and marvel at this garden of eden , you recall the history
and the former residents. This was the 16th century hunting lodge of
Diane de Poitiers , mistress of Henry II - - - Chateau de Massillan.

If those trees could talk.


Signs of Spring :: LA TE DA

I look at these photos and see another small ritual of spring:
putting the slipcover and pillows on the porch swing.

My mother would look at these photos and see something very different:
a need to bring out the iron.

She could never understand why I would prefer something with
a bit of rust , a bit of peeling paint or (Heaven Forbid!)
a bit wrinkled.

It's really quite simple .. . . they're all just additional
T E X T U R E .

I love the patina of real life.


Mom - if you're still biting you tongue and giving me
That Look:

I can only say : LA TE DA .



Which leads me to the question du jour:
Does that term have any meaning to anyone who didn't grow
up in the Deep South???

I see it as an old fashioned version of "Whatever!"
.... .. .. and you ??

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Bear With Me ... .

I promise to move on ... .. . from Layers & Textures &
Arrangements of Nature - but, I must first leave you with
these two Uber Yummy arrangements. Both have the berry + flower
motif happening, which so perfectly illustrates scale and textural

Love the small detail on the first bouquet of adding those shiny
gardenia leaves .
Since I'm a great fan of wrapped wire (rusted wrapped wire is even better!) -
I love the wire wrapped stems on this lillies and berry bouquet. It knocks
down the feeling from being a bit too precious and formal.

... ... . and provides the perfect note of surprise.

(more sculptural floral delight from Quentissentially Flowers)


Textural Tutorial

As I strolled through my photo archives to find examples for more
Arrangements of Nature, I was looking for those arrangements which
included some of my favorite natural elements:
Shells ! Starfish ! Rocks! Twigs!

Even one who adores flowers must mix it up and include some of
Mother Natures' other treasures. The first image clearly illustrates
my simple theory of arranging anything:
Repetition - Layers - Contrasting Textures.

Repetition : Multiple starfish in varying sizes and types
White starfish + White Conch shells

Layers : Not just a container of starfish sitting on the table -
Table + Metal tray + wooden bowl + moss + giant shell

Contrasting Textures: Rough antique wood + smooth metal
+ more rough wood + soft fuzzy moss + all the variations
on the surfaces of the starfish / shell

More layers , more contrasting textures in this photo.
Rough antique farm table +smooth black woven mats + wrinkled muslin
runner + scalloped vintage silver tray + round glass bowl with bottom covered
in smooth black river rocks + willow twigs & Casa Blanca Lillies
Same antique farm table with a rather Zen motif happening.
You'll also see the same wrinkled muslin runner layered over those
square black mats. The central element is a large bowl shaped woven
basket, in which I've stacked two Chinese Lopans topped with a
tan starfish. [ FYI - a Lopan is a compass used to measure directions
for Feng Shui]

What ever could those odd objects on either side of the central basket be ???
Why .. . those would be pomegranates loosely wrapped with twine.

But of course.
I guess it's pretty clear that I'm in awe of the treasures
Mother Nature provides. The fun comes when we take
a look at these "common" objects and start to play with them!

[these subtle textural variations are best viewed larger
by clicking on each photo]

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


Disintegration Detail

This post got a bit .. . um . .. fractured.
Please scroll down to the previous post to see the text and
the related photo.

photo copyright Judith Thibaut