Golden Treasures

I must admit .. . . after I finally made myself sit down and come up
with some cutting and stitching and odd little layers
of my odd little stuff - -- - I was pleased with the results.
More than being pleased with what I saw ... .. .
I was pleased with what I felt.

Creating Nourishes the Soul .. .. . and that
just Feels so GOOD.

It's almost as if we each have a special treasure nestled in our hearts .. .
and that treasure is waiting for us to bring it forth.

Only when we do - can we truly exhale.

Plant a flower. . . Knit a sweater. . Paint. . . Stitch . . .Bake cupcakes

Exhale the Treasure within .. .. .... Y O U !

photos and mixed media collage - copyright Judith Thibaut
[click on each photo to view LARGE & see the little details]


Courtney said...

Those pieces are all beautiful, and I love the color scheme of them! And you are so right about creating nourishing the soul. Have a great weekend, Judith!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I"m glad you were able to sit down and create and feel your soul! I like these pieces very much (I love texture!) - especially the third one - lovely!

Good on you!

Chrisy said...

Beautiful things that I would love to touch...I need to get some of that creativity flowing too...

Anonymous said...

lovely work J...
also read your previous post.... ever read "The Da Vinci Method" ? Its an e-book you might find interesting and it may explain to you why you find yourself in certain mental stages at times.
Keep creating ;-)

La Dolce Vita said...

Love your work! very uplifting post!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

The results of your days of 'feeling' are marvelous. I love the drawing of the dancer's legs.
I'm hoping to have a week of 'feeling'. Gosh I need it!

Di Overton said...

All so beautiful

Seth said...

These are wonderful. The last one is my favorite!!

paris parfait said...

Well done, you! Really lovely creations.