Bear With Me ... .

I promise to move on ... .. . from Layers & Textures &
Arrangements of Nature - but, I must first leave you with
these two Uber Yummy arrangements. Both have the berry + flower
motif happening, which so perfectly illustrates scale and textural

Love the small detail on the first bouquet of adding those shiny
gardenia leaves .
Since I'm a great fan of wrapped wire (rusted wrapped wire is even better!) -
I love the wire wrapped stems on this lillies and berry bouquet. It knocks
down the feeling from being a bit too precious and formal.

... ... . and provides the perfect note of surprise.

(more sculptural floral delight from Quentissentially Flowers)


vicki archer said...

The first one for me please, xv.

Ingrid Mida said...

I love those reddish-orange calla lilies. How divine!
Give us more please!

nancy neva gagliano said...

you KNOW you can't move on....i'm guessing it's who you are.
i understand.
my house often a series of "little altars everywhere", mini-still lifeS .... and nobody better touch! just kidding.
beautiful work. INSPIRING!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


those calla lilies are luscious - and the roses are so Baroque-ly romantic.

don't move on too quickly!

Paula Scott said...

I've been enjoying the journey! I am always amazed at the image sources that you have (and mystified).
I love those callas!! Wire wrap! Who woulda thought? Wish I could think of clever design solutions like that!

JM said...

Lovely bouquets!

gina said...

they are both lovely. I love your new pic. Your are beautiful!

Chrisy said...

no...don't move on! and if you do come on back again! It's so nice to be reminded that we can be creative with everything that we do, not just the 'arty' stuff...sometimes I forget...

Di Overton said...

I can't stop myself from tying flowers with anything that comes to hand. Hessian with dressmakers pins in is a good one - looks like a cuff. There the lesson endeth :)

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Judith, these flower arrangements are very beautiful! thanks for sharing :) and I love your crinkly cushions too!