Textural Tutorial

As I strolled through my photo archives to find examples for more
Arrangements of Nature, I was looking for those arrangements which
included some of my favorite natural elements:
Shells ! Starfish ! Rocks! Twigs!

Even one who adores flowers must mix it up and include some of
Mother Natures' other treasures. The first image clearly illustrates
my simple theory of arranging anything:
Repetition - Layers - Contrasting Textures.

Repetition : Multiple starfish in varying sizes and types
White starfish + White Conch shells

Layers : Not just a container of starfish sitting on the table -
Table + Metal tray + wooden bowl + moss + giant shell

Contrasting Textures: Rough antique wood + smooth metal
+ more rough wood + soft fuzzy moss + all the variations
on the surfaces of the starfish / shell

More layers , more contrasting textures in this photo.
Rough antique farm table +smooth black woven mats + wrinkled muslin
runner + scalloped vintage silver tray + round glass bowl with bottom covered
in smooth black river rocks + willow twigs & Casa Blanca Lillies
Same antique farm table with a rather Zen motif happening.
You'll also see the same wrinkled muslin runner layered over those
square black mats. The central element is a large bowl shaped woven
basket, in which I've stacked two Chinese Lopans topped with a
tan starfish. [ FYI - a Lopan is a compass used to measure directions
for Feng Shui]

What ever could those odd objects on either side of the central basket be ???
Why .. . those would be pomegranates loosely wrapped with twine.

But of course.
I guess it's pretty clear that I'm in awe of the treasures
Mother Nature provides. The fun comes when we take
a look at these "common" objects and start to play with them!

[these subtle textural variations are best viewed larger
by clicking on each photo]

photos copyright Judith Thibaut


JM said...

The first one is my favourite. As a nature lover I allways collect many things here and also when I'm travelling. You can find some of them on my 'piece of nature at home' blog if you like.
Love the wooden bowl too.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

A girl after my own heart! I adore texture and your arrangements would have me so mesmerized I would probably zone out and not hear any of the conversation. (I can get that 'baby looking at a mobile' distraction very easily!)At MOMA one time, my friend said to me -"Boy, you certainly are consistent with your attraction to texture!" I'd never even realized it until then. Santa Fe is a dream for texture lovers. I flipped in that store near the railroad tracks that has all those beautiful old doors. I will be on vacation....will missssss you!

Seth said...

Loved this post -- since I am all about layers and textures. The groupinps you made of nature'e elements are really complelling to me.

Ingrid Mida said...

What a great lesson in design...I love it when someone can break it down into understandable concepts. I do things by instinct but it is easier when I know the principles. Thanks!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Very nice post! And beautiful photographs.

Your first photo of texture is so inviting I want to eat it.

Now THAT'S some good photography!

Chrisy said...

So lovely to wander through your arrangements....touching the textures with my eyes...it takes a special kind of person to see the beauty in natural bits and pieces...and to put them all together so artfully...

Leau said...

love each and every one of these...i'm off to find things to layer. enjoy your sunday sugar! smooches

Judith. ..de Santa Fe said...

Layers rule ... . I just love the idea of taking simple objects / elements and creating my own sculpture. Thanks for taking time to leave such thoughtful comments -
it means a lot to know that perhaps my thoughts have encouraged your eyes to see a bit differently .
Now go stack some stuff and have some fun!


Di Overton said...

I have a thing about moss at the moment and where I live the walls and trees are covered in it. I collect it and put it in little containers - it makes me happy.

Anonymous said...