Dreams of Another Place::Another Time ... Lake Como

It was a dreamy weekend.
While last week was spent in a world of sepia photographs of
of the divine Miss St. Denis ... . . I stumbled upon another stack of
photos: postcards from the world of Lake Como, circa 1899-1915.

There began the dreams ... .

I relished each image, each canceled stamp, and especially the notes written
in a language unknown to me. I was peeking at personal relics of
the Golden Age of Travel, as technology opened up train travel
to augment the early cruises on steam powered ships.
Did you know that the engineering to dig tunnels through the
Alps was one of the major events that opened travel to the masses?

How remarkable to be able to venture out in the world ... .
and equally remarkable to send photographs on little cards to ones' friends.
These travelers didn't need lavish activities to amuse and entertain ... . ... .
simply sitting on a park bench beneath a parasol and gazing at the Alps
plunging into the cool waters of the Lake was quite enough. Then, perhaps a stroll
down the promenade - before returning to the hotel for an afternoon
tea dance.
As some of you may remember, I've been dreaming of Lake Como since much
earlier this year. See my posts here and here , to renew those dreams of my
longing for a place by this lake. My wishes were pretty simple: a lush garden
and privacy for lounging and gazing at the magical view.

This weekends' dreams acknowledged that I not only longed for the place ... .
I also dreamed of going back to another time.

It used to be enough to change our location for a moment, in order to refresh
our view. Todays' world has become almost universally harsh ... ..lacking grace and
elegance. We love our internet connected world , but it also brings much
of that harshness and unpleasantness to our doorstep.

Where to find Grace and Elegance ??

Hence : the longing to escape to Another Place AND Another Time.

This weekend I acknowledged that I probably won't be traveling to that
dream villa by the shores of Lake Como this summer.
No sending postcards to friends and family ... . wish you were here
and all that.

But wait .. . . I can create cards from my dream journey and send
them to YOU, my cherished internet friends - - --
and we can all travel to that dreamy place and time together!
These photos are the first cards I created to share ... . . to randomly
drop in the mail. Each one includes a photo of one of the vintage
Como cards, which I've embellished with my own mixed media layers
of stitched fabric/paper & golden paints.

I just need to know where to send them ... . . so, send me an email
with your mailing address , and I'll surprise you with
one of my Dream Cards . It may come next week or next month,
that's part of the fun - going to your mailbox and having something
lovely & surprising waiting , not just more bills and junk mail.

We can all travel to another place and another time
this summer ... . . or at least share a few dreams of
grace and elegance.

[mixed media art & photos: copyright Judith Thibaut]

[click on each photo to view LARGE & see the details]


Lia said...

I'm sorry to hear you won't be traveling this summer, but what a wonderful and creative idea the post cards are...I'll be sure to continue visiting the blog to see them. Thank you!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

What a charming find!!! I love antique/vintage post cards, but these Como ones are a true treasure!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Dear J -
You have no idea how much I have been thinking of you and of these very things you have posted of. I will send you an e-mail soon...hopefully, tomorrow! Until then - keep those postcards coming!
Catherine xxoo

Chrisy said...

Yes fortunately there's dreamin! If you have any cards spare, my address is over on sidebar of my blog...

vicki archer said...

I love this idea Judith - you are a generous soul to share this traveling spirit. Let's send each other a card...xv

My Castle in Spain said...

Totally agree with Catherine and Vick, i think it is a wonderful idea, Judith!
ah....that lake...yes...a dream place isn't it?

i love your sepia and gold cards...i'll send you an email!

Studio News said...

I so enjoy reading your blog! Seems I always tend to be more interested in artistic blogs then just design. These postcards are wonderful and what a wonderful way to visit Lake Como!


Judith. ..de Santa Fe said...

I'm happy so many dear friends want to play !
Thanks to those of you who have sent
your addresses - know that I'm having such fun cutting and stitching and putting these little DreamCards
together. I'll post more soon .. .


Ingrid Mida said...

Last night I had a vivid dream that I had a shop in Rome.... I think it meant that I long to be back in Europe. I miss the easy access to museums, ballet, opera and classical music.
I love your postcards. Maybe someday I'll come across your magical tulle. I'm sending you my address in case you feel inspired to send me one of your beautiful creations!

Sanity Fair said...

Yes, let's all go to Lake Como! I collect postcards - they're such charming memories - and cheap!

Sanity Fair said...

Yes, let's all go to Lake Como! I collect postcards - they're such charming memories - and cheap!

Seth said...

Aamzing postcards. Real treasures!

Di Overton said...

Oh I have been to Lake Como - it's everything you expect and more

Anonymous said...

Inspired work J..

cat said...

Wonderful postcards and art work Judith!!