Dreams of Lake Como

I'm feeling the need for warm vistas ... . plans for a summer vacation.

Truth be told, I've been seeking the perfect villa on Lake Como for over a year. My first thought had been one of the two villas on the grounds of Villa d'Este ... . . certainly strolling their gardens with a morning cup of coffee would be heaven. I then realized that wouldn't really work for me, because I'm a privacy freak .. . . and those gardens would be available to other hotel guests. Oh , no - no - no! Even if I could bear the intrusion of others, it would require being dressed.

Coffee + divine garden with lake promenade + silk pajamas = Perfection.

This equation started my search . Then the list of requirements grew and grew.

1. Old World Charm & Great Gobs of Understated Elegance

2. Pool - overlooking the lake, with sweeping lawns and giant sheltering trees.
3. Private dock which will accommodate several boats . (the boat house roof is peeking from just below the pool)

4. Privacy. Privacy. Privacy.
The steep hill behind this villa renders it accessible
only by boat or seaplane.
5. Numerous intimate garden spaces for dining al fresco.
6. A giant bathtub in a marble bathroom ... . with a view and french doors which open to a balcony.

7. A bedroom with more french doors, a fireplace and crisply ironed sheets.
8. A staff ... .. to iron those sheets and prepare the lovely meals served on all those terraces, balconies .. . .

---- - and lakeside / poolside.
9. Views ... . especially those which allow me to recline and read and doze off in blissful relaxation.

Yes, yes!!
This one will be perfect.
I do hope we're not too late to book for a June arrival .... .. .
Pardon me - while I call to make a reservation.

( Do click on each of these photos to view large and get the total YUM factor)

Photos courtesy of Unusual Villa Rentals


Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Wow. That was a nice trip down memory lane for me..., oh, not that I stayed in one of these villas by the lake (could not have afforded it back then), but Como is georgious..., I'm also thinking about a trip to Europe..., French Riviera and Italy.

paris parfait said...

I should think one could have a blissful time at any one of these gorgeous locations!

Leau said...

Those are lovely requirements but I would have only one...that George be my very close neighbor! smooches

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Hi Judith!
Last year I really got into this mood for Lake Como. Don't know where it came from. I did alot of research about places to stay and have been trying to find it to see if I could offer any recommendations to you, but to no avail. (I have beaucoup files!!!) I don't know anyone who has ever been there. Isn't it to die for?!!! I hope you do go. I'll travel there vicariously.

alice said...

How beautiful!
Lake Como has to be one of the most magical places... thanks for the virtual trip!

Chrisy said...

Oh I think you must book the whole hotel...so that we...your blog friends...can come to visit...let us know the booking dates and...I for one...will be there...!

Paula Scott said...

Don't wake me up! This dream is too good.

Amy said...

I am right with you!!! You go girly!!!!