Como Dreams .. . Continue

Consider this post to be a bit of clarification, prompted by your most thoughtful comments and questions on the previous Lake Como post.

All these photos are of a single property - - - a Villa, which includes a main house and 3 additional houses, sitting amid a spectacular garden . A butler and house manager live on property in one of the houses, which seems to be part of the boat house. ( Great perks for their job!) Additional staff includes 2 gardeners, cleaners and a chef. I can only suppose that their view, as they commute by boat to work, looks something like this:
After spending a great deal of time researching the "Ideal" villa for my Lake Como vacation , I feel this one far surpasses any others I've seen. Let me clarify: this is my little dream ... . . so, why not go for The Very Best! No price was posted for this marvelous piece of Heaven. I feel quite sure it comes under the heading of "If you have to ask - you can't afford it." My guestimate (based on other published pricing for this type of property) would be in the neighborhood of $25,000.00 - $40,000.00 per week. Perhaps a pittance for you .. . . but quite a significant chunk for my current reality. That said ... . . know that I'm a big believer in miracles and the fact that realities can change in a heartbeat. I've experienced incredible change in my life in the past . Guess that's another way of describing life on a roller coaster. One just hangs on to see what's coming around the next bend.
Not always easy ... .. . but, it's never boring.
Aren't these photos amazing!?? (no credit was given on the agents' website - so, if the photographer is out there --- know that I applaud you) I love the fact that great attention to detail was taken and they easily allow me to place myself on the garden path, by the pool or gazing out the bedroom window. So many agents are limited with their photos or don't bother to have them professionally styled. These guys, Unusual Villa Rentals, know the wisdom of posting lots of great pics.
Small details -- - such as placing these trays by the poolside lounges and on the beds are a perfect invitation to write out a big check and declare my pending arrival.
Thanks, too, for taking the extra time to do this after dark shot. I'm a stickler for great landscape lighting and this tells me my evening experience will not be spoiled by some dreadful harsh lights.
In addition to good lighting, I've got a major thing for grass tennis courts. Not because I'm a tennis nut: just because they signify a special elegance and reference to a rare bygone time. Can't you just see ladies and gentlemen in Proper Tennis Whites on this playing ground? And .. . they would be 100% linen ( and crisply ironed by that dear staff).
No wrinkle free poly blends will be allowed!
Ahh, this bed ... . I can smell the freshness of these sheets -
along with the perfect coffee in that silver pot.
Even in my current ( simple ) life - - -
I must have a proper breakfast tray every morning.
Though I find the style of these chairs a bit prissy, I'm willing to overlook this because I find the floor inlay just divine, along with the window details (shape, color, depth of the sill - which allows for the multiple shutter feeling).
So often in pics of very good ( and very pricey) villas, you'll find that they did a great job on the master bedroom ... . . only to leave the secondary bedrooms rather sad. This photo tells me I wouldn't hesitate to assign my guests to any of these rooms. Love the way they put this brilliant pink stripe on the bench - with a slight reversal on the chair stripe fabric and the baroque feel of the headboard. This gives the room a subtle touch of whimsy, while retaining a classic feel.
Can't you just feel the polished old world solidity of those marble steps? Part of what I love about this house is the total lack of stuffiness and forced formality. Those rather rough wood shutters on the doors are the perfect touch to keep the balance between the polished marble and the tres swirly ironwork of the handrail. Look closely at the bedroom doors and the depth of the walls. Substance ... . . sublime substance! Whomever did the design renovation on this house gets a big BRAVO from moi.
This little moment along a garden path just screams (ever so quietly), sit - - - be still and feel protected, beneath the arms of this grand tree. Truth be known: I'd probably throw myself on the stone walk, gaze up through those branches ... . . and weep from pure joy.
This little door in the garden wall seems to lead to another level of unknown treasure. Perhaps to another house and certainly another perfect vista .
More subtle substance.
The weight of the door and the soft arch echo the mountains
beyond the lake.
These colors take my breath away. I'll need to stagger to the chaise lounges at the far side of the terrace and throw myself on one ... .. . before I faint. The decision to keep the chair slipcovers neutral, really allows those repeated aqua french doors to speak. Note the little balcony on the left. I long to sweep through the door, look down on the terrace to my waiting husband and say
"Darling, I'll be down to join you in just a moment .. . please go ahead and pour my champagne."


Courtney said...

This villa looks enchanting! What a terrific escape it would make, and you have crafted a wonderful vacation tale... Now, J, if you'll just pour my champagne, I'll be sure to hurry over as quick as I can! ;)

Leau said...

I, too, believe that your life can change with each heartbeat and so I say go for it! Might as well keep your standards up. I say any place that they bring you a morning tray is a place I want to visit. Thanks for the peek. Dream on! smooches

Paula Scott said...

Truly, this must be heaven. What else could it be? The wrought iron is so delicate everywhere it appears. The yang of what we see here in NM.
And, I would be with you on the flagstone weeping with joy, then passing out on the chaise.

paris parfait said...

In a place as fabulous as that, one would never want to leave! They've done a fantastic job in styling and decorating.

gina said...

Dreams of Lake Como. I to have these dreams. My wish is to be there for my 40th b-day. I got a visit from A Thousand Clapping Hands and she saw my wish and told me about your beautiful site. Thank you for all the info and beautiful pics and your love and inspiration for Lake Como. I'm sure I won't be there in 2 years but I sure do hope one day I will be.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Is this the most beautiful place in the world?!!!!! I'm still stuck on the thought that the people who work there get to enjoy that vista every day. I just can't even think of the words...it is everything I love!!! All this and George too?!

Kimberlee said...

um, wow. A good friend of mine went to lake como last year for her brother in law's wedding. Somthing tells me I should have hidden in their suitcase and headed there as well!! X

JM said...

Although I've visited Italy more than once, I've never been at Lake Como, so the photos you've posted reminded me of what I missed and make me want to take the next plane!...

TheKeyBunch said...

Loved loved loved the little door in the garden wall, and the paint on the wall too. Makes me want to go there now!

Thanks for sharing. I loved your narrative too:)


Cote de Texas said...

I think I've died and gone to...Como - will you take me? I iron really well!

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite places on the planet. There are so many such villas there. You could blog about it for years. Great piece Judith... thanks for taking me back there !

Brillante said...

This post is absolutely fantastic and yes let's dream a little!
Thanks for linking to my post on Milan and Como lake.

Paula said...

You know what, this was the most fabulous little escape you just swept me away on !!!! Thank you so much.....*sigh* I really needed that.

I don't suppose there is another bottle of bubbly as I see I've arrived a bit late........

Kathy said...

oh yes I have stayed here lots of times! Yea right I wish looks fab

{Amanda} said...

These photos have made me swoon & dream of visiting Lake Como yet again, but this time staying at this beautiful Villa! Thank you for the photos; I found them through a Google search & must say that I may share them on my blog -- with all credit to you, of course!

♥ http://donandamanda.blogspot.com