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The New York Times magically appears each Sunday morning, just beyond my front gate. Part of my morning ritual includes opening the gate (yesterday that meant stepping into my Wellies - over the pajamas - to avoid the snow on the flagstone walk) and delighting in finding it waiting .. . a true Gift ! Several years ago, when we first moved here, I attempted to subscribe -
only to be told we were too far in the country and they couldn't even find our address. Our city has grown and the Times has found us.

Such a treat mustn't be consumed all in one sitting. I save several sections to enjoy on my breakfast tray for Monday and Tuesday. Today's Travel section was headlined by an article on the new Canyon Ranch Spa in South Beach. What surprised me was that it was written by Maureen Dowd, whose usual territory is the Op-Ed page and political commentary.

This girl clearly has a way with words. In her article she questions the relevancy of luxury in our current world of economic paring down; specifically the indulgence of a spa visit.

She posed two questions which really struck me:

"Isn't it obnoxiously self-regarding to focus on "Your Transformation" - a phrase Canyon Ranch has somehow trademarked - when America has undergone a transformation into a place where vain fripperies and vulgar extravagances are met with a gimlet eye?"

"With America so busy detoxifying from its toxic greed, hubris and overreaching, is there still room for the more aesthetic form of detoxifying?"

Vain fripperies / vulgar extravagances / toxic greed ... . ..
concepts which are clearly overdue to be purged .

Perhaps with those out of the way, we can have more room
for Simplicity, Grace & Elegance.


Leau said...

love it! yep, that girl is a word stringer for sure. here's to simplicity, grace and elegance! smooches

Paula Scott said...

There could never be a a room big enough in this world for simplicity, grace and elegance! The world is so lacking of these things. Here, here!
Even though tomorrow's inauguration is a very historical event on so many levels, it seems to resound with extravagance and a bit too much like an "Entertainment Tonight" event. It saddens me that it could not have had a more sensible approach as I think events like this can have a profound impact on the public embracing things like simplicity and grace and elegance.
Ah...I speakth too much!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

In reply to your final two comments J: One can only hope.

JM said...

I like the last paragraph on your post! Let's hope so. I do!