Simply Puzzling

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My Current Puzzlement :

How do we maintain a modicum of grace & elegance
in a world which seems
to be crumbling chaos ??

My personal motto has long been -
Courage is grace under pressure.

Guess I just needed to remind myself of that ... .. . .


Rekha said...

"Courage is grace under pressure" - lovely thoughts Judith, couldn't have come at a better time for me.- rekha

Leau said...

But wouldn't it be nice to find out for a while what it would feel like not to have to feel the pressure? I mean, do we really want to become diamonds? I'd settle today for just being pretty glass, not so much pressure and oh screw it, here's to becoming beautiful sparkly things! Bring on the pressure! gracefully! smooches

paris parfait said...

Well I think grace and pressure go hand in hand - without pressure, would grace be even noticed? Sometimes grace is confused with good manners. Good manners is an element of grace, but not the whole enchilada. Grace and courage are equally important, no matter the occasion (in my book, anyway).