Jumpstart the Slump

[ View large to see the layers & stitches & tiny hidden treasures ]

Distractions everywhere.

Holidays, road trips and the reality of a world of unreal realities.

It's been too long since I sat down with my little golden paints, sewing machine, some old sheet music and just played. A friend sent a note saying "I've missed you!"
I know she meant "your art."
So dear that someone noticed. I must say -- - it feels good to look down and see such a mess on my hands. Gel medium and walnut ink stains, mixed with odd specs of metallic.

Exhale .. .. .
I feel better.

It's really true: Art Saves Lives.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

It does save lives. That's a beautiful piece. Good to get back to what's familiar, comforting, and creative. Okay about that red DQ coating - If Trenton, New Jersey was a better neighborhood than yours...Lord help ya Mama!! (Actually I lived in the suburbs.) I am especially thinking of home today as the Inaugural train passes through - a very historic place.
Enjoy your creative weekend! Glad you're back safe and sound.

Chrisy said...

...yes art does save lies...or at least makes them so much richer...love ur 'playing' piece..

Leau said...

Nobody does odd speck of metallic like you sugar! smooches

Paula Scott said...

Always a visual treat to stop here to see what you've created. You sure have a knack and a style that is completely your own.I think that's called branding, huh? Awesome!