Karl & Coco :: Dreams of Shanghai

He's done it again . . .. Another dreamy film of
Another Place & Another Time
as done by the multi talented Karl Lagerfeld.
Last year his dreams of Russia were the base for the
Paris - Moscow Collection.
This year he takes us on a dream journey which begins with
the Dutchess of Windsor ascending the mirrored Rue Cambon staircase
for a cup of tea with Madame Coco.
After whisperings of secrets from her Chinese travels, Coco
proceeds to a small nap in the next room and the
dreams unfold.
First to exchange jackets .. . . authentic Mao
for authentic Chanel.
She finds it suits her very well
and leaves the linen handkerchief tucked at the wrist.
(But of course!)
On to the Imperial Palace, where the boy Emperor
and the Dowager Empress welcome her
and remind her ... . . "It's just a dream."

Alas, a very sweet dream
that M. Lagerfeld has shared with us.
Do visit www. chanel.com to see the Paris-Shanghai collection.
And you must see the complete short movie - HERE .

For a little reminder of my previous post of the Paris-Moscow
collection, go HERE.

Our dear Vicki at French Essence is also dreaming
of 31 Rue Cambon today.

(Simply because ... . . one can NEVER have too much Chanel !)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

the video is gorgeous - such style!!!

now I'm off to the other link

thanks for posting - I would never have known about this!

why don't I have dreams like this????

Ingrid Mida said...

It's true, one can never have too much Chanel. If only dreams would come true....

little augury said...

Can not wait to see this-what happens to the Duchess? GT

oiadweller said...

Ms Coco would approve of your style Ms J !

Chrisy said...

Ta for the links...I'm off to soak in some chic vibes darling...

JM said...

Wonderful!!! He has done a great work for Don Pérignon too.


I'm so glad you posted this. I didn't know of it.
Coco is rather well impersonated and it is interesting to visit her private rooms rue Cambon where it was filmed.


by the way Coco was not addressed Madame but Mademoiselle